10.0.7 PTR Patch Notes

Now is probably the best time for them to remove the DW requirement on Enhancement Shaman abilities and finally allow them to use 2 handed weapons again. There is absolutely no reason to keep the spec restricted to DW and I have gone over that in a couple of videos now. The current talents provide more than enough passive Maelstrom generation at this point and so it doesn’t matter whether you DW or have 1 2handed weapon.

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2h is the reason frost dk is either completely disgusting or completely unplayable

hope they don’t randomly decide to murder enhancement the same way

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Fire mage needs big buffs, frost DK needs love, Ench needs some QoL changes, lots of weaker classes not even being looked at or changed in a way that will make them feel/do better, they need damage and talent swaps and what not, and yes i did see the frost dk talent stuff, but they need more then that to even try to touch UH, same with ench vs ele, and same with frost vs fire ya know

I don’t agree with that ultimatum.

In Shadowlands, my DK went 2H crit-mastery frost while everybody else went dual wield with haste. I came out on top the majority of the time, but people had it in their heads that dual wield was the only way to play frost. This kind of thinking is everywhere in WoW. People follow icy-veins or the streamers that follow icy-veins and so few people try to think outside of that box. 2H frost was another option, completely viable. Not broken, not weak. They can do the same with Shamans. They did that with Holy Paladins this time and it’s viable to go without a shield no problem. More options are always better. You don’t need to go 2H shaman, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Every streamer said that 2h was meta for entire shadowlands for both unholy and DK. I don’t think there was a single season where any guide said to dual wield.

Sorry, but I have doubts on that statement. No one would say that 2H was meta for unholy because unholy can’t dual wield anyway… Additionally, my empirical evidence showed dual wield frost everywhere for S3. Whether it’s someone I inspected or those ahead of me on raider. io, it was almost all dual wields.

You’ve linked evidence?