10.0.7 Patch notes R-druid-> Devs why?

Nourish is continuously being shoved down our throats for this weird ST focus set up that will oom you, as well as the unwelcome nerf to innervate, not appreciated, and will never be given to someone else tbf.


The real story behind the patch notes is the M+ nerf of requiring Embrace of the Dream to get Undergrowth, and not easily being able to get Budding Leaves anymore.


Yeah, that too. Of course evokers get buffs though.


Hopefully resto isnt killed, currently balance atm and just done with it.


My druid fyi

Edit, im the pally ^

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Yeah. I’m at the point where M+ 18-20s are the only way to get gear. Once a week for vault, outside crafted stuff. If this makes resto close to unplayable in higher keys i’ll prob just play another game until S2. I genuinely have no purpose to log into the game outside assisting my guild with raid. 6hrs a week is sufficient enough.


So they’re trying to ruin my favorite spec by moving talents into places that make no logical sense?

Bring other healers up to resto, don’t ruin a fun combination of talents…


Good buff but wish they would buff the mastery and the base armor and hp from bear forum


should we expect talents to change every other patch update?


I really liked the natural wisdom innervate utility for groups who are learning raid fights and am sad to see the change. I also am not a fan of the talent changes happening so frequently, although the last one didn’t affect me much, thankfully. I can’t really visualize how all these node movements will play out, though. Are these changes previewed on a talent calculator anywhere yet?

Edit: scratch my question, looks like the PTR talent calculator just got updated. It wasn’t a few minutes ago.

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Yea it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be when I read it. At least not for a M+ lifebloom build.

It’s mildly annoying since I now have to always take the circle node and can’t swap it with spring blossoms anymore if I wanted to, but you can still get all the lifebloom talents without having to bother with embrace of the dream.

edit: Or you could do blossoms/overgrowth + invigorate instead of the circle node I guess if you need another single target burst talent and want to give up 1m convoke or something. That’s kind of amusing since you now have that as a single target option and are even less likely to bother with Nourish.

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Near the top of my list of concerns is still that clearcast procs only affect Regrowth and not anything, least of all Nourish. and that if they want us to take nourish these are 2 skills that work against each other as they perform a very similar role despite the fact more talents support regrowth. Nourish on it’s own is just too costly for what it does. Honestly it makes me think they need to combine those two skills OR let you choose 1 skill and make all other talents that affect Nourish or Regrowth just affect the other as well.


it’s interesting that they’re addressing dead nodes…that’s great imo… they may not be in the perfect places just yet, but i have hope…i think they’re too hands on with this spec…they get it just right then mess it up for no reason.

Right now I’m really wishing they’d just remove improved sunfire and give the spell back to us. if you have an issue with its damage output (which there shouldn’t be), just tune the numbers, don’t make the tree feel terrible.

Invigorate is still in an awkward spot though…gonna try to take it anyway cuz i really want to play around with it :grimacing:

Oh and Forestwalk is still unnecessary… def won’t be using that one…it can be punishing to use that talent in some cases tbh :100:


With the tree out, it turns out that this nerf isn’t in effect: both Cenarious’s Guidance and Budding Leaves still link to Undergrowth, without requiring weird pathing!

Additionally, with Tranquil Mind is free (instead of Improved Regrowth), and Invigorate in a good spot, it’s possible that this new layout is actually a buff for M+ and Lifebloom Raid builds.


drought also makes kitty resto druid interesting…circle is kinda useless if you don’t have improved sunfire…so it’s nice that they’re addressing that :revolving_hearts:

lifebloom build looking good, but i really want invigorate to be a realistic option


Some are buffs, but the movement of the talent tree probably isn’t a buff.

For embrace the dream to be useful, you would need 2/2 for 100% chance.

I’m not using embrace the dream over budding leaves.

Regenerative heartwood- still not using it.

Natural wisdom- I’m more inclined against using innervate on other healers.

Improved wild growth is shifted to the right–> Why?

Cultivation—> free healing on rejuv targets at 60% health—> moved to the right why?

Nourish placed in cultivations place and obstructing the tree—> I refuse to use nourish’s dead playstyle. Nourish is only “Good” if you fail at tracking hots, but at that point you might as well spam regrowths because regrowth is the better ST heal.

Forestflow/wild synthesis—> useless node that obstructs the left side of the talent tree.

Germination and power of the Arch druid swap (left and right side). —> questionable all together. Both are necessary for the rejuvination build and doesn’t offer an advantage, as germination is probably better than power of the arch druid. it might be a buff but is really odd

invigorate moved beneath overgrowth/power of the arch druid talent on the left side from the end cap stone on the right.

They did not say what they did with Spring blossoms on the talent tree.

Edit/note: Tranquil mind is added so you can cast additional regrowths, use overgrowth, and spam the dead talent nourish. They are literally FORCING this playstyle.

Overgrowth: “Apply lifebloom, rejuvenation, wild growth, and regrowths heal overtime effect to an ally 12% base mana+1min gcd”

Embrace the dream: " Wild growth has a 50/100% chance to momentarily shift your mind into the emerald dream, instantly healing all allies affected by your rejuvenation for 84.37% spell power"

Invigorate: " Refreshes the duration of your active lifebloom, and rejuvenation effects on the target and causes them to complete 200% faster 20sec CD."

Power of the Archdruid: “Wild growth has a 40% chance to cause your next rejuvenation or regrowth to apply to2 additional allies within 20 yards of the target”

Here you go.


Its crazy to me how R-Druids can be #1 or #2 in all forms of content with multiple viable builds and you guys still complain. I have never seen a class get the attention druid does.


Yeah, no one wants ability bloat, along with useless dead talents that obstruct the talent tree because .0002% of the community wants to play a dead play style from back in WOTLK.

I’m not complaining about how things were set up from release up until minor annoyances with the nourish “resurgence” since last patch day.

When it comes to the other 3 specs, of course we are complaining. Bear druid has been in a bad spot on and off for a while, and they constantly mess with their spec. Feral has been “F” tier for years. Boomkins, well, they are like a science experiment that either goes terrible or exceptionally well. But Druids do make up a vast bulk of players so there is that.


Why is this so true? Lmao, they either make Boomkins ridiculously strong or ridiculously bad. All we ask is to be middle of the pack and maybe have a real interrupt.

That said, they did succeed in making the spec really fun to play. I would play it even if it was bad. Those starfall procs are just so satisfying to spam


Pretty much sums up everything honestly. I played boomkin in S3/S4 in SL, and feral actively, then Resto when needed. But its atrocious what they, devs, are doing to try to make things “functional.” Starfall feels good, the lunar eclipse/solar eclipse cycle is perhaps the most heated debate, along with spaming wrath in lunar cycle, and additively making dots the primary playstyle. I personally enjoy dots, so it doesn’t effect me as much in that respect.

This resto “update,” isn’t looking good for my action bars and vuhdo keybinds. Having track an additional 2 GCDs/CDs just isn’t in my cards right now, especially when i’m tracking 8 things in total and performing mechanics, and filling gaps for dps who fail to interrupt/aoe interrupt.

Nourish is just that unnecessary safety net for players who can’t keep their rotations going on hots. Instead of just keeping hots up when incoming/scripted damage comes into play, its encouraging a reactive playstyle that just doesn’t fit how resto abilities function at all.

For lack of better words, its forcing a square block into a circular hole. It just doesn’t work.