10.0.5 is bringing more improvements!

10.0.5 is bringing more edit options to the HUD UI and improvements to professions.

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  • Added XP Bars
    so will this be the rep bars also
    and the bags being movable is a win

That’s great news about the xp bars, etc. It would also be great if they fixed the chat frame bug, so I wouldn’t have to continuously resize it :confused:

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The old chat box is going away anyways some day during this expansion.

Plus, all of these new stuff are buggy and it would take a while for it to be normal.

You mean options that made absolutely zero sense they weren’t there from launch?

We’ve had addons for years doing the same and they couldn’t get in with launch?

This blind admiration is exhausting.


how about making BrM a TANK AGAIN



This game has a lot of old codes and that has to be dealt with first and then also making sure that nothing major breaks.

Can I shrink the crafting window?


Maybe the profession window can be reduced in size so it doesn’t close when you open the AH. Ya know, being able to shift click the mats to search quickly was a nice feature. Have to use an addon now just to do it.

That is such a horrible excuse. The whole “old code” is not an excuse for half baked updates.

Especially when addons have been doing it for years.


As every beta update should.

we are in the BETA :slight_smile: :rofl:


Yeah that’s what I mean lol.

No. A lot of bugs can’t be seen unless it’s live. Sometimes the fixes also breaks tbings. This is standard in all forms of technology not just gaming.

It’s why every company has a help desk or a tech support. Sometimes things happens and things just break. They don’t know its occuring unless people report it. Devs arent omnipresent.

To add to it we have to do our due diligence as players to report the problem and hopefully they got our words and fix it (of course on live)

the devs have no clue how to balance. the recent idiotic nerfs prove that.
this game has seen much better days & devs.

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Addons are external and not internal and don’t even try to think you know how everything works because you don’t and I don’t.

I think you mean “a viable tank”

You can still tank

This game hasn’t seen a balancing and tuning phase for a very long while the 3 borrowed power expansions is what caused the imbalance and stuff and now in dragonflight they are trying to undo all the damage and trying to revert everything back to normal.

I know enough to see a rushed product. Don’t lump me in with your ignorance.

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