10.0.5 is bringing a lot of stuff

Guardian and all druids should be delighted to hear some news.

Certain class receiving changes

White and grey gear Transmog allowed

Draenor stuff

And among other things that is coming in 10.0.5.

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Apprehensive to be honest. Will have to wait and see what actually goes live.


Nothing else matters but this.


Does anyone know if these items will become “Cosmetic”, or if they’ll stay flagged as “Cloth”? This is a big, big deal if everyone can use them, but if it really just means that clothies get a bunch of cool new clothes and everyone else doesn’t, it’ll be a big let down.

10.0.5 makes me not want to play until then because of how much better my spec will feel with those proposed changes. Really sad i have to play for another 3 months without those buffs, almost wish i hadn’t been informed of it


Swipe and Brutal slash damage reduced by 50%.



Seriously all restoration shamans are getting is one change. Q_Q

I mean… healing tide totem getting 100% increased healing outside of raids is nice, but that’s only a single cool down. :frowning:

Also that’s the only change… not even any other changes. .Shamans get basically nothing this pass. :\

They are removing double tap?


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There are grey and white quality items of every armor and weapon type …


Look on the brightside! You get to now reload your range weapon tactically.


Was best to let go months ago given how pally class design was going.

All those changes, and they couldn’t even be arsed to fix Devastation’s near uselessness in all forms of content or warlocks being borderline omnipotent.

Not all news is good news.

Not saying the changes are bad, but as someome pretty happy with feral right now I’m apprehensive of any large changes.

This won’t happen for months from now likely. More changes all around will be coming

Hpal is going to be solid A tier if not S with those changes, legit will go in semi depression if they revert the 10.0.5 change

The new mw talent also sounds insane and thats the other healer i play lol


Class changes should have been done in beta. This expansion was rushed.

Any class changes they’re contemplating need to happen NOW.

No more waiting.


Class design is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in the game, since our characters are the vehicle through which we experience EVERYTHING.

Why the hell doesn’t Blizzard understand that.


Fingers crossed.

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Massive changes like this being brought in 10.5… Isn’t this proof that DF was rushed?

Absolutely zero ret changes. Expected.

Hpal gets more attention despite it already being a mandatory raid spec and A tier in keys.


Edit: Damn you battlemaster…


Blizzard finally picking a few more races to be druids?

Also, I am incredibly happy about the white and grey gear transmog and the Trading post.

For example, the Druids changes are just reshuffling the talent tree. And converting a 3-point node to a 2-point node, for example.

These should have been done in beta.

(The only other change I see is bringing back Lunar Beam for bears? LOL that was a joke talent nobody ever took when it was in the game, before. If you’re going to recycle old talents, bring back Fae Silence.)