10.0.5 Changes - Priest Feedback

I think they should do something to atonement like they were trying to do with sins of the many. Bump up the transfer outside of raid environments.
They went on the right track with Sins, but it’s just not enough for m+.

For raid, I think our biggest weakness is atonement duration and mobility.
Having slightly longer duration would be beneficial for mana, and we’d have extra time for side-stepping mechanics without sacrificing ramps.

Also, If we could get a reverse life grip, then maybe I could actually get some use out of Blessing of the Bronze.


I get screams of the void is bugged, but even if it wasn’t it wouldn’t make up for the DPS gap.

Also is C’thun bugged to only proc a tentacle when mobs are below 10% exclusively?

No, but I’ve read its bugged so the Mind Sear ones do like 1/6th of the damage of the Mind Flay ones. Not sure if that’s been fixed yet.

Looks like the PTR is finally online.

Holy Priests received a 4% HPS buff (confirmed) and there’s 2 new talents in the general tree that give you an extra 5% leech (which is also an hps buff to Disc). Imho, the leech talents are a very bad idea as they’re mandatory talents to take. Either way Holy will see a 9% hps buff.

I tested the new Burning Vehemence talent and my AOE burst damage doubled on a 5 target cleave from 20k to 40k dps because Burning Vehemence doubles your overall Holy Fire damage. Single target damage is down about 2k which isn’t the end of the world.

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In the latest batch of changes Manipulation was changed to work with Mind Flay and Mind Flay: Insanity. This is currently implemented on PTR to give that CDR on cast of Mind Flay, not on tick. While this is somewhat expected given the power level of the talent it does mean spamming casts of Mind Flay is better than letting it tick out for the purpose of this talent.

Would be more consistent with other effects that work off of Mind Flay damage to move this to effect to ticks of Mind Flay instead, even if its it a reduced amount of duration.


Some more buffs next week.

Looks like the same ones deployed on the PTR.

A few thoughts after playing Shadow from launch and seeing current changes in PTR:


I would like to see a few pathing changes in the spec tree to better facilitate branching out from what seem to be predefined nodes you generally always want. As an example, something like Dark Evangelism and Maddening Touch swapping places would be good to try out on the PTR. This would potentially open up more pathing options in the bottom of the tree to choose from and diversify with, along with potentially freeing up some points to move around in the middle of the tree dependent on the situation.

On the same note, pathing to Nzoth is difficult right now for the situations I would be interested in taking it. Currently it’s locked behind mostly ST talents (new PL changes with Void Torrent could change this?) so pathing through ST talents to what looks to be strictly a cleave/AoE option feels awkward.

Dark Ascension/Void Eruption

To be frank, I came into the expansion not liking the idea of DA. Non-peroidic damage seems to go against what I would think is the playstyle of shadow, even though I know that’s not entirely true. While I’m not in love with the spell, I’ve honestly grown to like the cadence of playing a 1-min class that combines your Mindbender/DA and focusing more around ST spells that playing DA brings.

Having said that, I don’t think I like the spell itself as a replacement to Void Eruption, but just the cadence to the spec that it brings. This makes me think that seeing a change to the spell/choice node in PTR would be interesting and could relieve some of the awkwardness when using DA. For example, I would like to see Void Eruption be the central CD you play around, and the choice node could be something like either extending your VE (like we do now with spending Insanity), or adding a non-periodic damage increase component to VE and reducing it’s base cooldown (like DA currently does for the spec).

On the note of DA and using Void Torrent, I don’t like how un-intuative it is that you would want to use VT within DA. Currently it’s the optimal usage for VT as the additional crit chance provided from Ancient Madness is so strong, but for new or even familiar players that do not fully understand this interaction, its very easy to think you would want to never cast VT within your DA window since DA does not augment VT directly. Just my 2 cents, as I’m not a theorycrafter and there are MUCH smarter people than me who discover and play these interactions.

Specific Talents

Shadow Crash as a spell has mostly been fine, I haven’t been bothered much with the hard 30 second CD. While having it hasted would be nice, It’s biggest issue for me has been for multi-target situations, such like at the beginning of bigger pulls in M+, when there are a lot of targets I would like to DoT immediately. I think I’d rather have something like 2 charges or a talent that allows you to cast it again within 5 seconds for reduced damage (but still applying VT to your targets). Perhaps changing Unfurling Darkness would be a good route to go for a quick and dirty fix, though I’m admittedly unfamiliar with how strong UD is in PvP.

Pain of Death feels underwhelming, and I’m not sure if its just a tuning issue or more fundamental. Nevertheless, having it as an option in the bottom of the tree feels like it will never be taken at it’s current value/playstyle.

Idol of Nzoth, ignoring the pathing issues, has a fundamental problem of scaling extremely poorly in ST interactions. While that might be the “tradeoff” and fine from a design perspective, all other capstones currently provide decent benefit to ST, making this feel like a non-choice in those encounters (or even potentially M+ unless the AoE was flat overtuned). Adding some sort of ST component, or even some sort of interaction with DP, would help alleviate this concern.

Whispers of the Damned seems too low value for the points required, along with it competing against other talents such as PL or Dark Evangelism.

Mind Spike with Surge of Darkness feels… meh to play in Raid/ST, not the worst talent but just adds a bit of button bloat. Surge procs hit like a truck, alleviating a bit of the concern for it, but my two biggest gripes are that you really only play this in raid (with DA), and the fact that you HAVE to take Surge of Darkness. I’m not sure what the general consensus is in the community for Mind Spike/Mind Flay playstyles and choices, but I wouldn’t be opposed to this talent changing on a fundamental level.


Discipline priest throughput is just not there.
The 10.0.5 changes are a welcome change, but realistically, they’re not enough.
Disc priest is falling further behind every healer by such a huge margin, that they are going to need a lot more than some silly little leech, and minor shadow damage buffs.

Disc is falling so far behind currently in mythic raid, there’s absolutely no feasible reason to bring one unless you like to grief your team.


The issue is disc is fundamentally broken as long as power word radiance has a cast time interrupted by movement.

It’s clear that wow is moving towards highly mobile raid style with homogenized mechanics like FFXIV. I think this is great.

Disc cannot function as a class in a high movement environment. If I am forced to move (and I will be) during my 20 button rotation ramp all of my healing goes out the window. No other healing class is punished for this on any comparable level (if the miracle happens all of this currently in game does about as much HPS as one major cool down from any other healer)

This is such an easy fix. Just make powerword radiance instant. (And take rapture off GCD) This would completely remove the hilariously high barrier of entry for anyone trying to play this class and actually let us move and apply the atonement we need to start healing the raid.

It does not feel good for anyone playing this class to cast power word radiance and have it be redundant because everyone’s already healed by the time I actually start dpsing, or preemptively cast it only to get interrupted by a random mechanic and forced to move (as you do every 5 seconds in the new raid) and your raid is already dead by the time you can stop and actually do anything.


This is fair - these are legit healing cooldowns, 100% as strong as what Holy/Disc priests get. I really hope these don’t become buttons you’re looking to push on cooldown to boost DPS, because I actually get a lot of pleasure from holding these for when my group actually needs them.

One area I’ve been working on improving is my parsing on healing as Shadow, without compromising my Damage Done parse to any great degree. Shadow far and away generates the most healing of any DPS spec and I take pride in being good at it.

Agree about the movement issues when trying to ramp I also think making PW: Radiance instant would be a good improvement for this, is not going to make Disc broken or anything just a bit more reliable when ramping.

This is no longer needed… It was bad when it got added to the GCD originally because you had to press it then wait one GCD to start shielding… The change they made was to make it apply a shield to your target immediately on cast, which is essentially the same thing as having it off the GCD and immediately using PW: Shield, in fact it’s slightly better this way because it saves you one PW: Shield worth of mana.

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Sorry I meant evangelism

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Oh yeah, that one would feel really nice… I think even if they were to “compensate” by making it 1s shorter on the atonement extensions (since being off GCD means you can start casting immediately) I think I’d still take that change, it just feels better to have it off the GCD and our ramp time is long enough already.

Priest is in serious need of mobility. Not just instant casts, but things that can counter knockbacks/pull-ins, and this raid is FULL of knockbacks/pull-ins.
If a guild wants to bring a healing priest to mythic Raszageth, they need 2 evokers on rescue duty just to keep the priest from flying off the platform.


I’d like more buffs to Renew. They should undo the nerfs to Benediction and Revitalizing Prayers because application is far too rare in M+ and you’d run HW:Salvation in raid to begin with.

That’s more of an issue regarding encounter design than anything. By the time most CE guilds get to her she’s going to be nerfed.

When it’s only 1 class that doesn’t have the toolkit to deal with a mechanic, I feel like maybe they could see that as a sign that the class needs some attention.


That’s like saying the pre-nerfed Mythic Painsmith was an issue about class design because not everyone can jump over a spike of walls that had no gap in it.

Well, shadowlands also gave all classes access to movement with Door of Shadows and NF Blink. Would it be ideal for all classes to have been one of those covenants? No, but they had access.

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Door of Shadows really is such a perfect candidate.