100 reputations help

I could not fined any answer to this particular question on wowhead.
So I counted all my reps I have 97 Exalted on this toon.
I did not count:
Argent Dawn. Was exalted but no loner are (currently at war with because I hate the light lol)

Aldor + Scryers. Both have been exalted for the FoS but in the middle of changing back to Aldor. Forgot to buy the BS patterns

Frenzyheart + Oracles. Oracles was Exalted working on Frenzyheart now.

Odd my Achievement says 98 reps even tho I counted more then once I have 97. Now to my understanding Aldor + Scryers count as just 1 being they are opposite factions same for Frenzyheart + Oracles.
Going by my count the 3 I did not count should give me 100.
Do I need to have the reputations all at exalted for them to count for this achiev?, and going back to Aldor and now working on Frenzy is what is screwing me over and hating on the Argents?.

For the Ravenholdt:

  • Create a rogue and level it to around level 70 (or until you do not aggro in the dungeon, it’s easier and faster to pick pocket)
  • Set your heart to Iron Summit in Searing George
    It’s just outside the dungeon and there is a mailbox.

Get inside the dungeon, pick pocket Junkboxes and fill your bags, port to Iron summit, mail it to Sormorne. Reset dungeon while you fly to the entrance.
Rince and repeat.

i think they changed the way this achievement tracks…

i think it tracks account-wide now, if that helps account for the discrepancy

I also should have said I did not count the other reps I never had exalted with. My current problem is the 3 I listed seem to not be counting even tho they were once exalted in the first place.
My current plan is getting frenzyheart exalted. Hope it counts because Oricals seem to not. And WSG for the last one.

But if indeed the Achievment only counts current exalted reps and does not register them after they lost rep in my instance changing from Oricals to Frenzy. It will be an easy task to get Argents and Scryers back up. thus completing the Achievment.

Well, i think it’s the current state of the reputation that count: Frenzyheart or Oracles will count for one when exalted with one of them.

I just got back into my own guild to complete the achievement: i was once exalted with others guilds and it did not count.

Well will try an knock out the change from Scryers back to Aldor. still got about 4 hours of farming left for venom sacs. If it does end up giving me 99 reps even tho they were already exalted before hand, only will need to get Argents back to exalted and that should only take a few hours.
Thanks for the comments.

Happy farming!
Venom sacs was a pain… i was watching t.v. while doing it and was in that area for a solid 2 weeks (in alternance with random bg’s to break the monotony).

#NeverAgain #lol #GunShot

The achievement only tracks current reps at Exalted. However, the achievement is now account-wide, so you should be able to do Aldor on one character and Scryer on another and have them both count that way.

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Edit: Thank you Rankin. Even tho Sormorne has had both Aldor and Scryers rep at exalted because im switching them again they are not counting. Just bought a bunch of tokens off AH for another toon got Aldor to Exalted and im now at 99 reps. Going to get Argent dawn back to Exalted even tho I hate them for the 100th rep.

I think right now theres something like 104-105 exalted reps available or so. If you havent done it do the Goblin factions (steamwheedle). I’m still not exalted with either frenzy or oracle and managed to get it. Also only have I think Scryers(have to check which of the two it is).

For reference this my main rep char.

I’m also sitting on 97 exalted reps account wide with this toon being my main rep gainer in the past. Will have Hydraxian Waterlords as 98 Just need like 6ish k more. Then just gotta figure out my last 2 but will probably just wait for SL reps lol