100% Mount Speed at 40 in BGs?

So I did a fair bit of research about the mount coming with the deluxe edition and I can safely say that it will have scaling mount speed. Firstly the argument, it would break the 30+ twink bracket meta/PVP and make it pay to win to be able to run down people without that mount.

Now the proof, I compared other TBC mount “spells.” so in this case https://tbc.wowhead.com/spell=34896/cobalt-war-talbuk
You can see in the text that it says “this is a very fast mount” and though it has mod mounted speed 100% it is categorized different than the warpstalker


If you look at the section next to Used by item, “modifed by” you’ll see it is modified by Riding skill Journeyman which the Talbuk spell lacks. This is reflected in the text, and you can toggle Journeyman riding which changes the text from “Summons and dismisses a rideable Phase-Hunter.” to "
Summons and dismisses a rideable Phase-Hunter. This is a very fast mount."
This information is generally data-mined by Wowhead so it is safe to assume that the warpstalker mount has scaling speed and you will still need to pay for the individual

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I frankly am unsure why they thought otherwise as I am sure blizzard remembers the sparkle pony controversy and mounts scaled with speed after that into eternity.

Youtubers/twitch streamers misunderstand everything, that’s how they get viewers. They make issues out of things that aren’t issues by blowing them out of proportion and trying to make them comparable to other bad things that’ve happened, when theres actually no relation.

I feel like this is confusion, and it’s just a mount that can transition from a lvl 40 mount, to a 60 mount, but still requires training. I could be wrong though

b-bu-but ! my anti narrative!

I would guess you are right, it will scale just as mounts do in retail.

Looks like we finally got a Blue Post confirming more about the Mount:


Was just going to do that.

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You were talking really big about how the mount was going to be 100% at level 30 in another thread.

All the points you made here about precedent and common sense of it being scalable I made to you yesterday in another thread. And you argued against me, lol.

You asked what I meant by you being a “kneejerk contrarian”. Well, here it is, lol.
You actively argued against common sense just “because”. You even doubled down on your terrible take when pressured too.

You’re a little poster focussing way too hard on trying to be “big” with reductive semantics against others. It’s not a good look kiddo.

Time to put your worthless posts on ignore. :slight_smile:

I mean, that technically CAN happen now if you manage to reach rank 11 in the 40-49 bracket, lol.

uhh, do you have me confused for someone else? I was arguing the mount would not be 100% at level 30

you either have me confused for someone else, or you horribly misunderstood something I said previously

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Right? I’ve seen you post around, and I have NEVER seen you advocate that the Mount would be 100% speed at 40, let alone 30 LOL

maybe mr. orc is just my first anti-fan. yay, I’m popular! :smiley:

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Same LOL

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