1 week notices gotta stop

just remember your vehicles get a damage boost if you speed boost down the ramp at the start.


lol name one, i cant think of one i didnt have atleast 2 weeks, some of them a month. Maybe it was legion or slands when i didnt play much

When you join a guild aren’t you already planning on raiding on the scheduled raid nights? Not sure what the problem is here.

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Oh no! Only 1 week notice, what am I going to do?

The exact same thing I would do with 2, 3 or 10 weeks’ notice… :eyes:

It’s not just the timing. They also didn’t post the update ON THEIR OWN FORUM. A third party media platform should not be used over their own site. The updates to this game should be here, nowhere else, or at least here first.

Edit: They have now make a forum post… LONG AFTER THE TWITTER POST. People tripping over each other to contradict me need to look at the timing.

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Umm, sure they did?


This is all irrelevant.

What you said can help mitigate the impact of people having to miss raid due to the time frame.

But the fact is that more time would still have a positive impact with people who need more time to get time off or babysitting.

So planning and prep + more time will always win out over planning and prep alone.

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We raid Tuesdays and Wednesdays like a large amount of guilds so yes we absolutely need to ask people to switch things for all of these Thursday releases.

Yes if they just released on Tuesdays it wouldn’t matter.

Why should everyone else have to wait because you aren’t ready? If you can’t make it in there this week so what? The raid will be out for 3-4 months.

So skip week 1? Who cares?


This wouldn’t make anyone else have to wait. Its not for Ulduar release, it’s for future releases. It would be planned into their release schedule.

Patch 9.2 - 12 days
Patch 9.1 - 12 days
Patch 8.3 - about a month (this is a rarity)
Patch 8.2 - 7 days
Patch 8.1 - Lil over a month (announced at blizzcon)
Patch 7.3.5 - 1 day
Patch 7.3 - 6 days
Patch 7.2.5 - 7 days
Patch 7.2 - 5 days
Patch 7.1.5 - 8 days
Patch 7.1 - 8 days
Patch 6.2 - 6 days
Patch 6.1 - 7 days

I can keep going but you get the picture.

BfA had some of the longest release date announcements, but 6 days to 12 days is the most common.

If someone has a wedding they need to be at for Jan 28th does it matter if you are told about Ulduar the week before or 8 weeks prior? No…they’re still away that day.

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you’d think that every single raid release in classic has been Wed or Thurs that people would just understand that and not complain how it’s unfair for the 4th year in this game

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These are things that more time can make a difference.

Because it’s annoying and should be on the same schedule as retail.


Why must it follow retail? It’s not the same game

are people going to get a babysitter to what exactly? Quit their job to join your ulduar raid?

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Realm first achievements/titles are a thing.

People who have kids that require attention will need a babysitter if they plan on shooting for the titles/ People who have jobs that require 1+ week notice for pto use could use the extra time.

It is no one here’s place to judge someone for how they get enjoyment in life, Ulduar or otherwise. (Before some daft fool tries to bring it up)

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let me get this, you were crying for new content this whole patch and now that it is announced you’re crying because 1 week notice? there is no way of making you happy isnt it right? now i understand why blizzard hates their users lmao

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