1/9M 9/9H Recruiting all!

come raid with us thanks

ohhhh shiny new forums :open_mouth:

Thug gives nudes to each new trial.

it’s true i really do and i ask for them back hardyhardyhardyhar

Need Mages and a boomkin and such cmon raid with us zul dies wednesday mythrax thursday g’huun the week after#goals

hey guys boomkin pls

i for realzies need mage/boomkin

I srsly need boomys and mages

Ask us how we get motivated to kill bosses.

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Who wants to be our only mage?

Hey, you have some pretty good hours, any interest in:

boop for more ranged dps

Need more ranged please

holy crap i can play ele again is this real life

Looking for ranged dps and another tank.

LF people that like memes

Need a tank, ranged DPS and would LOVE a Disc/Holy Priest

F**** these new forums tbh

hi join us

we need peoples