1.12 AV Will Kill Classic

You guys really need to let it go… In the grand scheme of things, this AV debate is a mere dot on the spectrum. Getting this dramatic over 1 BG is just a little over the top. Would drawn out AVs be fun? Yes, for a week or so. Then we would have mounds of folks coming on the forums complaining that the AV rep grind is even more monotonous than it needs to be. I understand the sentiment behind the arguments, but in the long run this will have 0 impact on the health of Class WoW servers.

At least Blizzard’s been cherry-picking some bits of lore from the movie and making it canon.

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Still waiting on my Chronicle Vol 4., best warcraft related purchases i’ve ever made, phenomenal art and writing, hard cover reissued LORE

Same here. Chronicle’s probably the only quality Warcraft content Blizz has put out since Crapaclysm.

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I am still excited for classic - but I think you underestimate how much this matters to those of us that played vanilla.

If their call to run 1.12 was made because they don’t have the resources and/or the ability to re-create a version that makes zerging more difficult, then I understand.

If this decision is being made to appease rep. grinders, then they made the wrong choice.

The blue’s post speaks volumes:

In related news: Tomb of Horrors, Still hard, still gross.
(still beloved)

1.12 AV at launch and then if we are vocal enough about it I am sure we could get some 1.5 content reimplemented if we were loud enough.

I played Vanilla. I was a hardcore raider that made it to Thaddius in Nax before my guild threw in the towel. Hell, this toon I’m posting on is an original Vanilla twink that hasn’t been touched in over 10 years. I think they made the best decision with AV. 1.5 AV would not still have the same meta that everyone remembers, allowing it to last for days. Bots will not be able to farm gold in the 1.12 version as efficiently. There are a lot of factors that make their decision the correct one. AV will still be tons of fun, and possibly even less of a headache once the nostalgia subsides. Its just time to let it go. There are bigger things to discuss at this point.

And Classic is a chance to undo mistakes made during Vanilla, so I’m not sure what your point is.

They didn’t make mistakes in Vanilla though…The mistake they made was releasing an expansion that trivialized the previous content.

The only thing that will kill Classic is tacking mandatory expansions onto it, or annual server wipes.

Such as? :thought_balloon:

Neutering AV
Nerfing Strat and Scholo
Threat management


Strat and Scholo weren’t mistakes.

Sorry buddy.

Noted player who started playing 2 expansions after vanilla.


Doesn’t matter. Even if I had started playing during Vanilla, needing more than five people for those dungeons would have been too much. They were drastically overtuned.

I and many others managed to do the quests and runs before they were nerfed as 5-person groups. I was the furthest thing from raid-geared. They were tuned perfectly. They were difficult, but very doable. They required patience and skill in pulling and crowd control. Jenga would probably make many modern player’s heads explode.

But hey, what do I and those others know. Clearly you have a better understanding of it from your “I read it on the internet” perch.

Your experiences are not the norm, Broken. At all.

Give it a rest. Keep basing your pseudo experience off of what people wrote having found things to difficult for them. Clearly you do not give spit as to the insight of people who actually did things during the vanilla period.

Stop attacking people for posting things contrary to what you want to hear first.