💩[H] Dalaran Fri/Sat 11/12 H Raiding/ M+

Midnight Jesters

11/12H NYA/ 6/8M EP
Has been around since BC. It started as a semi-hardcore raiding guild, with plenty of BC/WoL/Cata experience. After Cata came and went the GL (then) went MIA never to be seen again. Many years passed and the nephew (Current GL) is found progressing with 20+ Mythic raiders. Since this guild has been around for so long none of the original cast members are around, however through this last expansion relations have grown and friendships have been acquired!

We are a guild rounded of post/current military members, college students, fathers, FBI, mothers, and mutes. Very laid back community, very much “No scrubs” environment.

As of right now we are looking for more members to fill our Mythic Team. Mostly looking for DPS. (Even some other sexy HEALs could strike a conversation and might possibly end up inside us c; )

Our raid times are Friday/Saturday 9PM EST - 1AM EST.
Our M+ Times are anyday and everyday. We constantly have people running M+ while they are online.

To keep our Mythic team afloat we have a strike point system in play. If you are late/absent/NCNS we will give you a strike. If you do not respond to the Mythic Calendar invite you will get a strike, if you do not respond to the GL morning after post you will get a strike.

We not only run Mythic raids but we also run Heroic(AOTC)/M+/PvP/ otherfunexcitingwaystoenjoytheguildies EVENTS.

If you are interested (Cause I totes would be) please go ahead and slide into my DMs:
BNet: Gnarly#11749
Discord: Gnarly#9685

Looking forward to hearing from you~ :heart:

TLDR: We’re dope, come join us.

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WE also have female raiders :wink: :wink:

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Females play WoW OMG…jk I am one lol

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Stop reading the comments to see what other people think and just message Gnarly to join already, you won’t regret it.

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I may have low key paid these guildies to post… :rofl:

10/10 guild, they have female raiders

Usually not top on the failure damage meters. :v:

Join us! Today!


We are awesome!

10/10 awesome, would recommend.

Looking for some hot Tanks and Heals to join us for tonight and forever~ <3

We do damageee

Still looking :slight_smile:

We need some sexy DPS! Come at us~!