“Best classes in BC”

Whats the best class for each “role” in BC?(dps,tank,heals) I was planning to make another alt (help I have a problem ;-:wink: and I wanted a toon that could be really good all the way through phase 6 in classic and BC if it comes out.


Druid has my biased opinion for tanking and raid heals.


Clearly not Alliance Shaman anything.

They weren’t given any love back in TBC, so they didn’t fare well as anything but a healer, and even then not as much.


How so? Also I thought shamans were horde only?

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In Vanilla/Classic.

TBC gave Paladins to Horde and Alliance got Shaman.

I recall a lot of BELF Paladins being rolled. Saw a few good tanks come out of those too.

If you’re looking for something to go straight through both Classic and TBC if it launches, you can’t go wrong with a Warrior Tank.

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If you do decide to Druid tank in BC plz don’t be a sheep and merely stack HP and think you’re g2g. I did amazing work by getting hit cap and then stacking agi/dodge while taking as much hp as I could anytime it didn’t compromise my agi/dodge.


Also, spirit is your friend. Ooming suuuucks. Innervate is amazing with enough spirit. You essentially get 2 full mana bars per fight, sometimes more.

I had an awesome time in TBC as a feral Druid. I was my guilds primary OT (tho did MT sometimes) because I could still do pretty solid DPS in cat during those times when my OT wasn’t needed.

Also went to rival with my buddy in arena running feral/disc.

It was a great time.

shaman takes best healer for raids by far. either paladin or priest takes second but its not super close.

warrior tanks are still the most useful but prot paladins got content specific to their toolkit. there are uses for prot paladins in BC. ret also becomes decent dps with gear. oh and druid tanking still a thing, not sure how good it is.

at certain points in a progression guild you might see spriests, rogues, warlocks, hunters topping meters in raids. AFAIK priest and hunter start off extremely strong and scales down to more middle of the road with better gear, i think spriest eventually becomes quite weak but they have a new ability that regens mana for the group so thats huge. rogues need some gear but once they do they’re up there. warlocks are strong throughout and scale well, i would say that most people think of them as the strongest. mage is surprisingly the worst out of all them but they probably beat spriests in later tiers.

both elemental and enhancement shaman will be necessary for any serious guild. unsure about where boomkins stand.

for pvp I heard a lot from others about the OP-ness of resto druids, disc priests, hunters, and warlocks.


You think you could outheal my Druid in raids then we gotta fight <3

This makes little sense.

There was no real difference between h/a shaman bar racials in tbc.

Alliance shaman were fine.

Basically really, in tbc, all specs of every class are viable.


Warrior, warrior, paladin.


OP said TBC not classic.

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It’s the same in TBC. It doesn’t change till Wrath of the Lich King.

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…Nah. That’s just not the case.

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You need to tell the to all the guilds I talked to that “didn’t need Shaman DPS”.

I considered quitting back in TBC until an old friend told me he was playing WoW (which I didn’t know) and invited me to join his guild.

Even then, I still had to main a mage, and keep a Shaman as an alt.

ele and enhance shaman for me i liked them both.

That was almost universally carryover prejudice and mindset from vanilla. TBC was the first expansion and players were only a little bit better then than in vanilla.

It’s more accurate to say that the mindset didn’t become more flexible until wotlk.


Try tanking heroic shatt halls or h mgt on a warr tank in tbc pre d stance t clap. I still have carpal tunnel and migraines from those nights.


Not even then.

I tried to switch mains in Wrath and I was shot down. Had to switch back to my mage in order to raid.

I was told unless I can do “insane damage” with my Shaman, I couldn’t raid with it.