“A Wolf in Wolves Clothing”: Johnnybiceps Fan Fiction Chapter 4 “The Party”

Once word reached Stormwind about the hacked human body discovered in the Burning Steppes, the authorities organized a party - a hodge podge group: mismatched armor, poorly crafted weapons, badly trained.

There was a human mage, Missin, who was only interested in gold, that is it, only gold.

There was a gnome rogue called “Shin”. He got the moniker “Shin” because he was “shin high” and sensitive.

There was a night elf hunter called “Legolas”, no one knows where he got his name. He had a pet black bear named Una.

There was Fidesa: a fury warrior, a gnome and a woman prone to anxiety, bouts of it, crippling bouts of anxiety, “panic attack” levels of anxiety.

Finally there was Dale, a retribution paladin. He imagined himself to be a WARRIOR OF LIGHT, swinging his mace, dispensing justice, not healing anyone, telling everyone what to do, barely paying attention.

That was the party: Missin, Shin, Legolas, Fidesa, and Dale, no tank, no healer, and an excess of confidence.

Once assembled, they gathered at the Stormwind flight master: “Ok,” Fidesa said, “We’re going after Johnybiceps. If we find him alone, we’ve got him, no question. My sister Anna is in the Burning Steppes farming Mithril, she left this morning, we’ll meet up with her, perhaps she has some news.”

Off they went from Stormwind to Morgan’s Vigil. A patchwork crew: a money hungry mage, a sensitive gnome, a night elf hunter named Legolas (./sigh), a chronically anxious warrior, and a RETRIBUTION PALADIN.

From Stormwind to Morgan’s Vigil they went, the warm earth scented air of Azeroth filling their noses blowing through their hair, spirits high, the party set out on its quest to kill Johnnybiceps.

*Stay tuned for Chapter 5 “A Discovery” to be released July 11th, 9am!

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