[ N-RP][MG / WrA] Tournament of Ages 2022! August 7st - 13th!

IC Introduction

When the forces of death threatened Azeroth, champions of all banners gathered at the roof of the world to test their strength and prowess in order to show that if Azeroth’s champions united, they could stand against any enemy. It was here at the Argent Tournament grounds that Highlord Tirion Fordring gathered these champions and showed regardless of race or creed, there was nothing that we could not overcome together. Those heroes took the fight to the Lich King and saved our world from one of the greatest threats that we faced in our time.

The Tournament of Ages had been held on the anniversary of the Crusade’s call beneath the shadows of Icecrown to commemorate the times we have all come together and put our differences aside. From standing side-by-side at the end of the Cataclysm to stave off the apocalypse, to the hellish nightmare of another invasion of the Burning Legion, to the machinations of the Black Empire and the darkness they whispered - all stand as memories – and foes that we’ve overcome.

For seven days, the Tournament of Ages offers a celebration full of merriment and awe as all banners from the corners of our world gather, and old champions and new alike arise to the challenges offered to fight in fierce competition with one another for the sake of camaraderie and fun. Culture, Food, Memories, Friendships, Rivalries, and Adventure all await those who come to join and continue on the legacy forged by the fallen Highlord and countless other Leaders who all saw the potential of our future together.

This is your invitation to come, to join the ranks of Champions and Heroes, and to find glory.

Basic Info

Schedule: August 7th - August 13th, 2022

Hours: 7:00pm – 12:00am Central Time (Essentially Server Time).

Location: Argent Tournament Grounds, Icecrown

Official Discord Link: discord.gg/a4UBrQd

Website: https://toawow.wixsite.com/toawow

Tumblr: TBD - Finalizing updated Tumblr!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToA_Warcraft)

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/toafairgrounds/

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OOC Information

One of Moon Guard’s largest server events for several years running is once more preparing to return! While there was a lot of concern last year that the Tournament of Ages wouldn’t be back for 2022, we’re here to definitely say that we’re again and we intend to be better than ever!

The Tournament of Ages is a yearly gathering for all of Moon Guard that’s hosted by both the Alliance and Horde at the Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown, and is known far and wide as a celebration that lasts an entire week with a host of competitions. Competitions that range from showing off your martial prowess and skills such as Sparring, Jousting, Dueling, and others, to more fun and playful games such as Pet Battles, Hearthstone, and more.

Not only are there competitions to win a multitude of prizes from, but players can also find dozens of different, diverse booths hosted by various factions, guilds, and organizations that offer various wares. Wares that range from useful in-game items (Such as transmogs), to Roleplay opportunities and items, to minor competitions with small rewards to enjoy.

Don’t let the official times fool you either, because Roleplaying opportunities happen at all hours of the day during the Tournaments run; from early in the morning to late at night and even before the Tournament week has officially begun as many arrive to set up beforehand! So be sure to come around at any time you wish, and be sure to join a competition to see if you’re one of our next Champions, or to meet new and interesting people and make new friends and memories.

Once more we are here to offer a one-of-a-kind experience, and we’re aiming to make it better than ever with the inclusion of Wyrmrest Accord in the competitions. Join our Discord to stay up-to-date on charity merchandise, contest sign-ups, booth menus, plan your appearance for this year’s Wonderlight Ball, or just chat with your fellow community members and make new friendships and connections.

Charity Fundraiser

Tournament of Ages is pleased to announce that this year we are once again wishing to work with Blessings in a Backpack, as they provide a much-needed service that we all feel is something we can all agree with and they were excellent and gracious last year when working with us.

Blessings in a Backpack provides nutritionist-vetted meals on the weekends to school-aged children in the United States. 11 million children (up to 18 million on projections from an analysis done by Feeding America) in America face food insecurity when the school week is over, and when the school year is over as well.

The last several years, due in large part to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Inflation, and dwindling funding has brought to horrible light how vulnerable these children are and how rampant food insecurity is. Now, Blessings in a Backpack has adjusted to feeding children throughout the entire week, as many children relied on food from school-provided lunches and snacks and face malnutrition.

For more information about Blessings in a Backpack, and how they help fight food insecurity for school-age children as well as information on how you can donate and help, please join the Tournament of Ages discord link for all relevant information. For those that don’t want to join the Discord Server, don’t have Discord, or who want to help donate to Blessings in a Backpack year round you can follow their website at the bottom of this section.

When the Tournament starts, we’ll have a fundraiser set up so you can donate, and we’ll also have a Tiltify set up with some good, fun rewards. Proceeds from the Art Auction as well as the Merch Shop will be going directly to Blessings in a Backpack, so be sure to check out all of that the closer we get to ToA2022!

(:exclamation: Please also note we’ll be adding a Tiltify link here as well when it’s ready. be sure to check back periodically or check on Discord!)


Art Auction

Once again we’ll be doing a Charity Art Auction! Artists join in to help support the cause and participants can bid on artist slots so you can support your favorite artists, and support a good cause at the same time! All donations will be going to Blessings in a Backpack. The auction is the first two nights of the Tournament in the discord!

View 2022’s Auction Artists here: TBD - Still gathering artists!

Sign-ups are still open! If you are an artist, writer, songwriter, composer or other content creator and looking to help the cause, you can sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/ToA2022ArtAuction

`TBD' - Still finalalizing our Schedule!

The Tournament every thrives off of events, and the Coordinators and Staff make sure that they have a wide variety of events to choose from. All from Jousting, Sparring, dueling, Pet Battles, Hearthstone and more, with Gold, Pets, Toys, Mounts, and Art on the line!

This year is certainly no exception as all of the classics of years past are there, with many strong, tough competitors seeking to win. As well as a few newer ones to add some new excitement to this year.

Events and Prizes!

We are still gathering and divvying up the prize pool donations gathered so far from our very generous sponsors!

Event 3rd Place 2nd Place 1st Place
Jousting 50,000 Gold 100,000 Gold 200,000 Gold / $150 Art Commission
Pet Battles 15,000 Gold 30,000 Gold 60,000 Gold / $10 Blizzard Store Pet
Hearthstone 15,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission / $6 HS Cards 30,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission / $10 HS Cards 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission / $9 3x HS Card Packs
Dueling (Warrior) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling (Hunter) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling (Shaman) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling (Druid) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling (Paladin) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling (Mage) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling (Monk) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling (Priest) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling (Death Knight) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling (Rogue) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling (Demon Hunter) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling (Warlock) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Dueling Championship N/A N/A 40,000 Gold
Sparring (Vigor) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
Sparring (Rancor) N/A N/A 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission
N/A N/A 30,000 Gold / $20 Art Commission TBD
Sparring Championship N/A N/A 40,000 Gold
Sparring Teams N/A N/A 270,000 Gold / $60 Team Art Commission
Racing 15,000 Gold 30,000 Gold 60,000 Gold / $30 Art Commission / $25 Blizzard Store Mount

Of course, what sort of celebration would this be without some fun in between all of this Sparring, Dueling, Jousting, and rousing competition? Thankfully the Tournament of Ages has plenty when it comes to fun Performances, Art Auctions, Open mics, Engaging plays, Date Auctions and more!

List of Celebrations!
  • Date Auctions
  • Charity Art Auction (Done in Discord!)
  • Open Mics!
  • Performances by- TBD
    • And more!
  • Amazing Opening and Closing Ceremonies!
  • The Wonderlight Ball!

And that’s just the start of the fun not even including all of the Roleplay you can see.

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On top of the registration form, we’re pleased to announce that for the 2022 Tournament of Ages competition, we’re opening up competitions to Wyrmrest Accord registration! However, to ensure that our WrA competitors can get their prizes they will need to have a Moon Guard character of at least level 10 to receive Gold, Toys, and Pet prizes, as that is the server the majority of the prize pool will be gathered on. Prize Pool donations from WrA are appreciated, and we can sort out how to get winners their prizes. Don’t worry, we got it!

Tokens and Blizzard Store prizes just need their Btag though! For Art Commissions, it will be arranged through Discord.

(:exclamation: MORE INFO COMING SOON)


What Tournament isn’t complete without the many merchants throughout Azeroth that keep the wheels of commerce and trade going? While the Tournament of Ages is renowned for the many Champions and Heroes that have been pitted against one another for years in combat and skill to showcase their prowess, it’s the Booths and the many traders that have been the lifeblood of friendships and happiness.

This year is no exception, with a specially curated list of Booths that dot the many stalls of the tourney grounds, or wander around from place to place. Our Stationery Booths are places of wonder and intrigue and magic, while our Wandering Booths bring an eclectic, and rotating, list of wares from all over and even beyond.

Booth Numbers and Owners
Booth Number Booth Owner
1 Live Painting
2 Siren Sea Shop
3 The Ephemeral Wagon
4 Picks & Stones
5 J Paint Tattoos and Bodywork
6 Agents of Antiquity
7 The Citrine Eagle
8 Midnight Repose
9 Catty Crow Leatherworks
10 The Cast Company
11 Whimsy Presents
12 Neverlost Trading Co.
13 Stonewind Tribe
14 Creatively Crescentlight
15 Starlight Caravan
16 Succulent Tart
17 Ashes of Alar
18 Branch and Lantern
19 Dwarven Vanguard
20 The Silver Vanguard
21 Om Nom Noodles
22 Pride of Gnomeregan
23 Grumpy Wug's Goods & Wares

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Every year we have a wonderful group of people who ask to stand up and become members of the Staff, and every year they go above and beyond what we ask to truly deliver a once-a-year experience! However, like always, there are people that come and go and we always end up with spots to fill. So we can always use a few extra hands when it comes to staffing the Tournament. All we ask is that you’re capable, reliable, and willing to work hard to make this the best that we can. If this sounds like you, and you’re interested in helping us out please join the discord at discord.gg/a4UBrQd and see what positions we have open here:


If any sound like they’d be a great fit, please reach out to one of the current Staff Members or one of the Coordinators to see if you’d be right for the job!

Prize Pool Donations

Another way for people to help out aside from donating to Charity is through Donations! The Tournament of Ages thrives off of prizes that competitors can win in the events that we have. Everything from the Joust down to the Rhyme Battles we love to give away to people who work hard, play hard, or had luck on their side to succeed. This year for 2022 we’ve been blessed with so many people wanting to help with the prize pool that we’re actually well on our way to reaching our goal to fund all the commission prizes However we still need help with other In-Game prizes such as Battle Pets, Mounts, Gold, Toys, and more and we’re always open to receive those so that we have a wide range of available rewards.

The prize pool for the competitions and contests comes from community donations of gold, mounts, and other neat stuff! Through a publicly-tracked discord channel and spreadsheet, we are proud to be as transparent as possible with where your prize donations go. Want to request it goes to something in particular? We can do that! This event would not be the same without the community’s generosity.

Donating to the prize pool is not a requirement for participation, nor will it give you an advantage in any event.

So if you’re interested in helping out with our prize pool this year, feel free to post in the #Sponsors-2022 channel on Discord!


Q: Can I still come to ToA even though I’m on a different server?

A: Yes! All you need to do is find a Moon Guard anchor, and hitch a ride! Designated anchors will be provided, and all you have to do is type “ CharacterName-MoonGuard”, all one word.

Q: I signed up for a competition, but I wanted to change my information. Is there a way I can do that?

A: Yes! Either let a staff member know that there’s information you need changed or check out the Registration Corrections category on Discord for the proper channel.

Q: Is cross RP allowed?

A: Yes! In fact, it is highly advised and encouraged to have the CrossRP addon, and a healthy amount of Tongues Potions to understand the opposite faction. Thanks to the latest patch, you can even join groups Cross-Faction party groups to cut down on Tongues Potions! Though, for everyday Roleplay, Tongues Potions is still heavily advised.

(:exclamation:Note: Information is liable to change in this thread as new information becomes available or changes so keep a lookout from time to time!)

Final Words

We here at the Tournament of Ages Team want to thank you once again for the many years we’ve been here and for allowing us to bring you a week of fun, and do some good in the world. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you, and we can’t wait to see you all at ToA2022!




:star_struck: :heart_eyes:


Looking forward to this rp event, we have it already added to our guild calender in the game and in discord.


This is coming up soon! So much to see and do! And lots of awesome vendors and events already in the works. Check out the site and discord folks!


Also for Horde and Neutral (Hordie) folks, there is a ride out that is a great way to meet folks early. Check out the post: [H/N-RP] Tournament Of Ages Ride Out


I’m glad to see so many people excited this year, both on the forums and in discord! Lol, I also want to announce that I’ve updated the OP message with our Booths this year, as well as the prize pool! Don’t worry everyone; we’re getting the schedule finalized, as well as a map of the grounds, and we’ve got a lot of wonderful, awesome artists this year as well! This year’s tournament is going to be amazing.


Do you enjoy the sheer madness of a demolition derby?! The heart-pounding action of cheering for your favorites, watching them careen into their opponents until only ONE IS LEFT STANDING!?

You better believe it… the demolition derbies are coming to the Tournament of Ages!

:fire: And YOU can join! :fire:

This year, the Tournament of Ages will be hosting the Crashcon Derby for mechanics and pilots of the Alliance and Horde to test their mettle in a last-vehicle-standing battle held in the Argent Coliseum. Tanks, mechs, war-wagons, beasts of war, and any other variety of vehicles are permitted in this no-holds-barred destruction derby!

When is it and where?

:heart_on_fire: Hosts include: Maxen, Sonceri, Khudaal, and Nicolette :heart_on_fire:

We welcome you to enjoy the action as a participant or audience at the Crashcon Derby!

WHEN: Thursday, August 11th, 2022 at 8:00 PM CST
WHERE: The :rocket:crashcon-derby-2022 channel of the TOA Discord

How to join?

Want to take part in the Crashcon Derby? You can register in the crashcon-derby-2022 channel by providing the following:

• The name of your vehicle. Nothing vulgar!
• A 3D Warcraft-style render of your vehicle. We can help you create this! Info on the site.
• A paragraph description of your vehicle.

We will provide your stats for the fight. Everything is run text-based in Discord with music and fun RP action. We also provide graphics of every round, showing you the action and explosions in a grand arena custom-made for the tourney.

We have prizes for winners!

Can I watch?

Absolutely! This is open to anyone to watch and RP during, cheering and jeering from the stands. We also have Audience Participation, voting on surprises that throw down in the arena on the competitors!

Check out some of the action below from past derbies!


Coming up soon.

I’m excited to be making my return to TOA this year.

How has it been a year already? How is that even possible??

I’ve tried to explain the size and greatness of ToA to some newer RPers and it’s just… not possible. Really excited to see their reactions TOMORROW!

:fire: Crashcon is still taking sign ups! :heart_on_fire:

And so many incredible things coming for TOA. For the latest updates, highly recommend checking the Discord (linked above). I’ll also post some daily schedules here in a graphic to help folks out!

TOA Schedule

You can find the full schedule here: https://toawow.wixsite.com/toawow/schedule

Here’s what to expect for SUNDAY!

Good morning!

Do we know who the anchors will be for WrA guests?

There is an Anchor-Requests channel on the TOA Discord https://discord.gg/GJt4Aw5VDT that may help! Anchors may flux each day, so feel free to post there to get started for invites. :smiley: