YouTube: Blizzcon 2018 (v.4.4.2) ReShade

The ReShade preset in the video:

Tutorial: Graphics Improvement for Reforged


I made a burger to show how mcdonalds could look like


that filter sux :frowning:

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:poop: that reshade is a downdrade dont waste ur time :face_vomiting:

I worked on it and uploaded an updated version:

This is the antithesis to what WC3 always was. Complete lack of strong vibrant colours that made everything distinguishable and appealing.

Blizzard isn’t anything that it ever was anymore anyway. Also, it’s just an alternative look people can use if they want to. Since there has been a demand for such a look after Blizzard had betrayed their customers with false advertisements, a ReShade like that actually pleases some people.

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Hey man, nice reshading. It’s personally too dark for me, but it’s better than the bluntly light colors we have. Nice work :slight_smile:

On 2nd look, it actually looks pretty good, just needed some time to adjust :smiley:

The only things that don’t feel right is the interface and portraits, colors are not very good. But visuals on the terrain and overall lighting looks very nice. I’ve been staring at that holy light icon and it lost its yellow color a lot.

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I could increase the brightness a little, but maybe the bright parts would become too bright? But if it is okay the way it is, then I would leave it that way of course. And yea, unfortunately ReShade changes the whole display and includes the interface & portraits…

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The terrain and details on it look quite good, I like the [Blizzcon 2018 (v.3) - mixed colours] the best.

The portraits would probably look better if there isn’t a weird blue lighting Blizzard added on every single one… it’s ugly. Nice job once again :slight_smile:

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I fixed the brightness now and updated the video & screenshots.

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