Battle.net disabled for Reign of Chaos
Dev Comment: We’ve been encountering non-trivial issues connecting players over Battle.net as we unify the game client - a prime example being disconnects caused by erroneous matches between Chaos and Throne. Custom maps created with RoC data are still playable, this affects melee only. A major benefit to this change is players who owned Reign of Chaos only now have The Frozen Throne.

Blizzard, I’m a fan of yours, I love your games. I’ve played all your PC games except for Hearthstone but from all of them, Reign of Chaos has been the one I’ve played the most. It’s ridiculous how, after so many years you just decide to shut it down.

RoC has been surviving from hackers, lack of support, spam bots and so many other things for so many years that it’s heartbreaking you decide this now.

Two websites have been supporting this scene for years, both of them sponsorizing great tournaments where even players from TFT came by from time to time.

We have been mantaining this all with our time, our money and our joy.

Now you removed it from us.

Take back your decision. There is still time. Even tho we’ve probably lost thousands of players already because of your lack of communication after shutting it down when the server maintenance.

Don’t do this shi__t.


This is very worrying. The devs aren’t communicating at all, nada and removing the base game without announcement. As is so usally often with Blizzard, they would actually do better had they stayed AFK.


You may say many things about Blizzard, but not that they do not communicate sufficiently.

I want to play Reign of Chaos, same as a lot of people! I dont care about TFT! So please, reset ur patch so we can play ROC on battle.net again!!!


Blizzard released an update that broke the ladder for one of their games, gave no sticky post for an entire week that they were even aware there was an issue, then release a patch that says one of their games is now disabled and has no mention if this is going to be temporary or permanent.

No apologies to the community of RoC players, no mention as to what their plans are for our community, and then they basically give us the middle finger by saying “But you can play TFT now for free if you couldn’t afford it before peasant”. We are RoC players by choice, not by poverty. We happen to like it better than TFT.

How in any way is this communicating sufficiently.






If you want to play RoC without all the bugs and errors that appeared out of nowhere, then just buy an official disc somewhere on eBay or in any other place and patch the game to 1.27a/b.

Hi there i just had a dunno, if i upgrade to version 1.31.1, i can play the Reing Of Chaos Campaing or not ?

You can.

The only thing that’s removed is the RoC competitive.

RoC’s campaign will still be there.

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So if I would update my game to 1.31 for mods I could still play WC III with the Firebeasts raining down in the Background?

1.31 was the last version before Reforged so it will look like the original game. However, there’s word on the street that hero AI is borked in 1.31.

Ye. ROC removal is quite frustrating to roc players. But no need to worry. You can actually easily recreate roc balance in custom maps. No even need to know map editor well. Its quite easy, really

If you want automatic ladder, its another story tho. But I guess you can try to contact that Pad guy. If he is kind enough he will maybe make roc version of the ladder, or at least some simple non automated ladder maybe. I think he is aware that there is a demand for it.

Yeah, we have to meddle with balancing in the editor to get the game to work properly… Btw, tft balancing also affect RoC campaign. Good look changing that…

All of this because blizz wasn’t competent enough to realize what they kept promising throughout development… “Cross-play” my a***.

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