Wrath of the Betrayer Camp CRASH


was the code of the crash, tried multiple times, Wrath of the Betrayer, lasts maximum of about 2 minutes in the game before it crashes, sometimes as little as 30 seconds…



We are currently aware of and working to fix crashing bugs related to certain maps in the campaign. You might wish to try the PTR client as that reported possible fixes. As a workaround for now we recommend loading the map fresh and utilize that chat command: AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs to win the map and move to the next mission.

Thank you.

o meu esta dando problema mesmo jeito. começo a jugar e dura uns 2 minutos o jogo fecha. mapa ira do traidor

Hello Zuvykree,

I’m experiencing the same problem and telling us to skip a mission in the campaign that we paid for really isn’t an acceptable solution. Do you have an ETA on when the fix for this will be deployed?

They won’t know.

It’s been broken since August of last year. Realistically, it will likely be fixed this year.

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