Warcraft III: Reforged PTR - Version 1.35.0

We’ve opened the PTR for testing the next version – 1.35.0.

Patch 1.35.0 features Custom Campaigns, Balance updates, Map Pool Updates, Leaderboard fixes, and additional improvements.

Thank you for testing the PTR, and special thanks to all the community content creators who created new and updated old maps!


PTR Build 19805

We’ve just updated the PTR with a new build. Reminder: all updates are subject to change. Please keep in mind that some of these changes are more experimental than others.



  • Reverted Tavern revive cost 5% increase.


  • Reverted Headhunter lumber cost from 30 to 20.
  • Headhunter build time increased from 20 to 22 seconds.
  • Blademaster Mirror images damage increased from 10 to 15% of the Blademaster’s base damage.
  • Great Hall build time reduced from 150 to 140 seconds.
  • Brute Strength bonus reduced from 150 to 125 HP.
  • Farseer Feral Spirit mana cost increased from 75 to 85.
  • Farseer Chain Lighting mana cost was reduced from 120 to 110.


  • Siege Engine armor reverted back to fortify.
  • Siege Engine targeting change reverted back to only structures.
  • Animal War Training reverted back to having Castle requirement.
  • Orb of Fire damage reduced from +10 to +5.
  • Orb of Fire cost reduced from 325 to 250.

Night Elf

  • Immolation mana drain per tick increased from 5 to 6.
  • Immolation damage was reduced from 10/15/20 to 8/12/18.
  • Druid of the talon crow form mana cost reduced from 50 to 25
  • Druid of the claw starting mana reduced from 125 to 100


  • Lich Frost Nova Damage reverted back to 50/100/150
  • Lich Frost Nova now has a damage cap of 400/800/1200 (8 units)
  • Lich Dark Ritual cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds
  • Haunted Goldmine build time reduced from 120 to 110 seconds


  • Circlet of Nobility toggle functionality change reverted (Will give +2 to all stats again)
  • Wand of Mana Steal reduced from 75 to 65

Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Added additional zoom levels (1750,2100,2250)
  • Can now view other players’ profiles from arranged match history
  • Fixed an issue where if you zoomed out too far on specific maps the player would lose visibility
  • Fixed an issue where quitting a singleplayer game sends the player to the load saved games
  • Fixed an issue where saving a custom campaign resets string data
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Campaign loading screen text being misaligned
  • Fixed an issue where the custom game list names bleed into the ping category
  • Fixed an issue where the editor would crash upon saving a campaign without a map opened
  • Fixed an issue where the world editor would crash when editing the damage/defense table

Previously updated December 16

We’ve just updated the PTR with a new build.


All updates are subject to further change. Please keep in mind that some of these changes are more experimental than others.

Altar Heroes

  • Gold cost reduced from 425 to 400 on all altar heroes.


  • Reverting Headhunter gold change from 160 back to 140.
  • Blademaster Mirror images damage increased from 10 to 25% of the Blademaster’s base damage.
  • Troll Batriders Liquid Fire no longer prevents repairs but now reduces the repair rate by 75%.
  • Great Hall build time reduced from 150 to 135 seconds.
  • Bladestorm cooldown reduced from 180 to 120 seconds.


  • Siege Engine armor changed from heavy to medium.
  • Siege Engine damage reverted back from 22 to 44.
  • Spellbreaker armor increased from 2 to 3.
  • Blood Mage’s Siphon mana cost reverted from 20 back to 10.
  • Blacksmith cost reduced from 50 to 40 lumber.
  • Holy Light cooldown change reverted from 4 back to 5.
  • Animal War Training no longer has Castle requirement.
  • Staff of Sanctuary cost reduced from 250 to 200.
  • Orb of Fire damage from +7 to +10.

Night Elf

  • Druid of the Talon Crow Damage base damage reduced from 34 to 26.
  • Reverting immolation damage change from 15/20/25 back to 10/15/20.


  • Ghoul Frenzy change reverted no longer gives 30 HP bonus.
  • Lich Frost Nova Damage reduced from 50/100/150 to 45/90/135.
  • Haunted Goldmine build time increased from 100 to 120 seconds.
  • Death Knight’s animated dead corpses are no longer dispellable.
  • Obsidian Statue spirit touch mana restore reduced from 3 to 2.


  • Fixed inconsistent data between Headhunters and Berserkers.
  • Fixed inconsistent data between Siege engine and its upgraded version.
  • Fixed inconsistent data between Peasants and Militia.
  • Fixed an issue where Disease Cloud was still using the old 90 duration instead of 75.
  • FIxed an issue where Anti-Magic-Shield changes were not being applied.
  • Fixed an issue with map selection and map folder states.

Previously posted–

Custom Campaigns

  • Added ability to play Custom Campaigns.
  • Players can download Custom Campaigns to play, or make their own.
  • Some Custom Campaigns can be played using either Reforged or Classic art.
  • Reworked front-end menu. Campaigns are now located under the “Single Player” menu.
  • Custom campaigns now track the difficulty a mission was completed on.
  • “Load saved game” menu can now reload custom campaign save files.
  • Added informational prompt to show users where to install campaign files to.
  • Added “Is Cinematic” option to the campaign editor to change campaign buttons to use the camera thumbnail instead of difficulty progression.
  • Fixed campaign thumbnail in editor not displaying.
  • Added campaign thumbnail preview support to Reforged.
  • Added ambient sound support to Reforged.
  • Added webm support to play as campaign backgrounds.
  • Custom campaign list menu now auto-refreshes upon resuming game window focus.
  • Added support to play custom movies under Warcraft III/Movies (file format dependant, vp9 encoded avi file + mp3 for audio under Warcraft III/Movies/Audio).
  • Added friends presence support for cCustom Campaigns.
  • Updated default campaign backgrounds to Reforged style.
  • Added user presence for Custom Campaigns.



  • Tavern Revive cost increased by 5% at all levels.


  • Blacksmith lumber cost reduced from 60 to 50.
  • Peasant HP increased from 230 to 240.
  • Control Magic moved from T2 to T3.
  • Siphon mana cost increased from 10 to 20 mana.
  • Siphon Mana Drain rate reduced from 15/30/45 to 15/25/40.
  • Holy Light cooldown reduced from 5 to 4 seconds.
  • Polymorph cost reduced from 220 mana to 200 mana.
  • Mechanical Critter sight ranged increased from 350 to 500.
  • Siege Engine now has heavy armor.
  • Siege Engine can now attack units.
  • Siege Engine base damage reduced from 44 to 22.
  • Siege Engine barrage damage increased from 14 to 16.
  • Mass Teleport Cooldown increased from 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Mortar Team HP increased from 360 to 380.
  • Siege Engine no longer decreases in unit level when getting the barrage upgrade.


  • Headhunters cost increased from 140 to 160 and lumber cost increased from 20 to 30.
  • Blademaster Mirror images now do 10% of the Blademaster’s base damage.
  • Endurance Aura movement speed bonus reduced from 0.1/0.2/0.3 to 0.1/0.15/0.2.
  • Witch Doctor Healing Wards increased from 5 to 10 HP.
  • Stasis Trap activation delay reduced from 9 to 7 seconds.
  • Brute Strength bonus increased from 100 to 150 HP.

Night Elf

  • Tranquility cooldown increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.
  • Starfall cooldown reduced from 180 seconds to 120 seconds.
  • Starfall mana cost reduced from 200 to 150 mana.
  • Druid of the talon crow form now does piercing damage.
  • Entangle duration on units reduced from 9/18/30 to 8/16/24.
  • Thorn Aura increased from 0.1/0.2/0.3 to 0.15/0.30/0.45.
  • Mountain Giants now start with +2 armor.
  • Harden Skin damage reduction reduced from 12 to 8.
  • Ultravision now requires tier 2.
  • Immolation mana drain reduced from 7 to 5.
  • Immolation Damage per Interval increased from 10/15/20 to 15/20/25.
  • Immolation Duration reduced from 1 to 0.5 seconds.


  • Anti-Magic Shield can now receive the same summon magic damage inflicted by dispel, purge, and abolish magic.
  • Unholy Aura movement speed bonus reduced from 0.1/0.175/0.25 to 0.1/0.15/0.2.
  • Animated Dead corpses can now be killable and have diseased cloud if researched.
  • Ghoul Frenzy now adds 30HP to ghouls’ base health.
  • Disease cloud reduced from 90 to 75 seconds.
  • Obsidian Statue level increased from 2 to 3.


  • Wand of Illusion reduced from 3 to 2 charges.
  • Wand of Mana increases mana steal from 50 to 75.
  • Circlet stats reduced from +2 to all stats to 1/1/2 but players can click to toggle the item to add an additional 1 stat to any attribute.
  • Legion Doom-Horn movement speed bonus reduced from 0.075 to 0.05.
  • Ancient Janggo of Endurance speed bonus reduced from 0.075 to 0.05.

Map Pool

  • In this patch, we’re updating the existing 1v1,2v2,4v4, and FFA map pools with various new maps and updates made by the community.


  • Removed the character requirement for report description.
  • Fixed an issue where clan ranks were visually displayed incorrectly.
  • Added notification indicator when receiving a social request.
  • Fixed an issue with leaderboards not updating.
  • Fixed occasional crashes when loading into a map with high object counts.
  • Fixed custom campaigns specific crash upon reloading into the campaign map.
  • Fixed disc space error when trying to start a custom campaign mission.
  • Fixed variable difficulty flag not being respected on custom campaigns.
  • Added rich/color formatted text support to custom campaign menus.
  • Player Profile: Viewing another player’s profile would occasionally display that they are a member of your clan even if they are not.
  • Prevented loading of custom campaigns named the same as official campaigns to prevent save stomping.
  • Fixed an issue where players where the client would freeze changing zones in the Founding of Durotar Campaign.

Wonderful update!

The reason why Campaign was it’s own button on the home screen was that a significant portion of the playerbase only plays the Blizzard campaign, and so it is one-click for them to get into their mode.


Where is the nerf of Frost Nova, aoe spell dealing more damage on lvl 1 then any direct spell in the game (150), only shadow strike deal same damage and half of it is pereodic.


Solid Update, I must say.

Still, I’m saddened that basically all bug reports from the 1.33 and 1.34 PTR tests have gone unnoticed and unfixed.

Especially the Caching issues. EDIT: BUG: Preload files are being cache’d - #32 by Martin-2255


I had a nightmare where warcraft 3 only nerfed Orc players…


after quiet some shocks here and there, I’d say pretty good stuff. maybe like 7-8 out of 10 patch.

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I would like to note that UD is doing disproportionately well overall in the pro scene.

And it’s not just the pro scene. If you exclude Happy and 120 on w3c and include Kaho and Moon for elf, it’s 55.28% for UD from 2k+ MMR.

UD current patch is steamrolling both Elf and HU. HU cannot survive vs lich fast expand and ghouls. And ghouls are extremely oppressive in general at tier 3 timing since they are so good at killing the expansion/clogging up the fight.

I would like to point out the MU has a 1 standard deviation in favor of UD when you include the best players for Elf and exclude the best players for UD. It’s quite common to see many UD players have 60+% winrate in 1 matchup on w3c and that being vs Elf.

The rise of tier 1 expansion being so easy for UD and how useful ghouls are all game and how gargs (air units in general) are only 2 food but in practice counter dryads/wisps/hippos while being able to creep the map is also a problem.

Overall, I think nova needs a relook. And especially reworking ghouls to be weaker early game and not be so oppressive. I actually think ghouls should have been nerfed at tier 3 as they are over tuned as players get better.

I have no comments on rest of changes since I have no idea myself yet. But I just wanted to point out that UD has been doing stupidly well this patch. It’s about time UD got changes to be more playable for other races : HU and Elf.


THANK GOD FINALLY a balance update.

Imma have to test some things and think about this one first. Will be giving my opinion within the next 48 hours.

But first impression is not bad at all. A lot of really good changes in here!
(and also some not so great ones, along with some things that are missing)


now we just need our old ui back


Thank you for the balance update, that’s what we were lacking for a long time! As an Undead player I’d give some feedback:

  1. Ghoul hp buff is too much, they’re gonna destroy orcs who play headhunters now. Maybe when buffed by the upgrade, ghouls may cost 140 gold initially, that would be fair. Otherwise these tank ghouls can be overperforming vs orc and human in combo with the lich according to the new meta (dk ghoul frenzy vs orc and lich 1st ghouls expo vs human)
  2. Obsidian statues mana regen should be nerfed maybe from 10 per spell to 7 or 6. The power of ud is in their statues which sustain long fights, which gives ud opportunities to outdamage their opponents with coilnova and restore health per coil.
  3. Undead expo is too cheap and safe. I’d love to see sacrificial skull cost 100 gold so it’s not instant and easy to establish vs any race, but still possible if done well.

Militia seem to still have 230 HP, though.


RECONNECTION, WHERE IS THE RECONECTION FEATURE THAT WAS IN THE OLD GAME? When someone had an internet problem a window would pop up with his name and 45 secs would pass till he gets dc. Now u just get dc and a middle finger. Imagine playing your favorite custom map or melee map and suddenly your internet dies for 2 secs… welp bad luck for u :slight_smile: go and enjoy that score screen

  • Rod of Necromancy cooldown reduced from 26 to 24 seconds.

This seems like a mistake. The cooldown in the current live patch is already 24 seconds.

  • Siege Engine no longer decreases in unit level when getting the barrage upgrade.

Barrage tanks are still level 3 in the World Editor

  • Animated Dead corpses can now be killable and have diseased cloud if researched.
  • Disease cloud reduced from 90 to 75 seconds.

Disease Cloud for Animate Dead is 90 seconds, not sure if intentional

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you mean the stutter screen that said waiting for connection for a while ? reconnection was available because of 3rd party efforts unrelated to blizzard, while one could argue it was never what blizz did so why should they do it, one can also look at it and say why doesn’t blizzard adopt community features as official.


What are you doing?? Imagine nerfing the least successfull race in the current meta… And what have you done to tanks? Hu’s only use them vs ud in rare occassions after they got nerfed… +10 hp to peasants is nice but what about giving back 5 sec militia time? There’s zero changes to HUvsUD mu (ud’s now play lich expo anyway, dk aura isn’t significant at all) and who forced you buff rod of necromancy? xD literally one of the best items in the game
Overall, very raw patch that needs a lot of polishing. Hopefully it’s only PTR and we’ll see more changes in the future. TBH I’m glad that blizzard even care about the balance xD


This is cool and all, but when do we get fixes for the 1.33 bugs?

Siege Engine Barrage has the wrong base damage.


whats about the issue with the chat jump when player join/left game?

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I am testing right now and seems antimagic does not get dispelled for elf. Abolish magic from dryads and wisp dispel is not working at all for banshee antimagic still.


still in the waiting room for the coil nova nerf