World Editor Issues

I’ve given this a lot of time, reinstalled, reinstalled, numerous times to see if the problem would fix itself.

However, the issue is using custom assets in the Reforged World Editor, randomly upon save and exit and reload and even at times without saving or reloading, custom assets such as the reforged models from Hiveworkshop will stop working, looking at the asset manager, the files still read that they were there but have a 0 on there size.

This was not an issue before, loading the assets into the campaign editor does not reproduce this issue only when loading custom assets into the map itself. Which because Blizzard had the bright idea to remove custom campaigns from the game, is the only way you can test your maps as none of the custom campaign data will load upon testing the map.

Though I understand the use of custom assets is a risk in itself with the game, this is not an issue of the assets themselves causing the problems. I had a few old assets, still within the assets manager before the switch to HD that presented the same issue. This is a major problem as it is annoying and tiresome having to replace even one custom asset just to have the problem resurface within a couple hours, let alone every single (over 30) custom asset become unusable in waves.

is’t custom campaigns under the single-player option? although naming it crap. it says custom games, it should say ‘‘Custom Campaigns’’ but then it saves custom campaign under the load saved game option.

eh am a bit confused… you said that your downloaded custom reforged models from Hive and later you said you are using some old models.

When you say ‘‘reforged models’’ are you referring to HD models and not SD models?
Btw do you own reforged?

Okay, before reforged “launched” everything was fine, I could create custom single maps and the editor would keep the custom assets and would never lose them.

After Reforge Launched, I can create custom campaigns, import custom models, everything is just fine, though I cannot play these as there is no custom campaigns at the moment.

So, to correct this and test the maps, I have to export my map out of the campaign editor and try to test it that way, upon uploading all of the custom assets, they become corrupt and read 0kb and will not load in game.

Which really sucks, as Custom Campaign data will not load, which is why this entirely unnecessary and annoying headache exists.

I don’t know how this can be that confusing, sorry, maybe I am just really bad at explaining the issue, but that is the issue.

  1. Custom assets within campaign editor work fine.
  2. SD and HD assets if transferred into a single map will work for a little while then something happens where they get corrupted or something. (I have used both SD models and HD models to see if it was just the HD models causing the issue, but even SD models do this)

It is completely random, it will happen sometimes after I save the map and exit to test it, other times i will be making some minor tweaks to terrain and will get a barrage of Unable to load xxxx .mdl messages flash across the screen. And I own both technically as I also have Warcraft III on CD format still

My brain is at 22%, I’ll recharge soon heh.

But I feel ya. I really do, you can imagine we had no idea how to fix crash issues for 3 months after launch… because the editor was set to HD by default - so we locked the game at classic and 0 desyncs.

Not that issue is the same but more on how I can relate to the frustration. They make changes without telling us what changes they do and we have to deal with all the technical issues - when good communication would probably solve the problem already. That’s on Blizz I guess.

I’ll just brainstorm here, sense your unlikely to get any support until the weekend is over. Even if solutions don’t help, I hope you entertain you with my stupid suggestions to pass the time x).

I really wonder what’s removing the data on the model assets.

I am thinking that when you start a game it generates the script (as it does for all maps) does that someone how messes up the models or something.

Try the following:
Under File/Preference/General: Asset Mode: SD
Under File/Preference/Test Map: Asset Mode: SD
Under File/Preference/Test Map: All options to high
Under Scenario/Map Options:
Game Data Set: (Custom 1.01)
Supported Modes: SD

If none above work - am sorry, but am not out of ideas! Unless you feel it’s not helpful - then I would be out of ideas. Because 1-1=0, the math doesn’t lie and Zero is the amount of brainpower I have, so logically I ____ nothing.

Ok, I should really go… Ziiiiip

Hello everyone! I am writing here after Game Master Toradatener request it when he answering on my request in tech support # 79683815. Here is my problem: I created a custom map in Warcraft 3 world editor, map created using the native resources of the game, no mods or models loaded. Only custom things is text descriptions, characters names and abilities descriptions. When the game starts, there are no names and descriptions. My native language is russian. If I start the game with English text option, then my russian descriptions and names are visible in cyrillic, everything is correct. If I start game with russian text option (default for me), they are absent. Apparently the problem is that the russian font embedded in Warcraft 3 doesn’t support the encoding that the editor uses while saving the edited name. Replacing the font or saving in a different encoding will help.

Hope you that fix will be found soon and Game Master Toradatener will answer me at my request # 79683815

Hello there! I have an issue with WE. The event “Unit Enters Region” with a boolean comparison “Unit in Region” doesn’t work properly. Actions start to execute only when a unit enters from the right or from the bottom sides of the region.