World Editor Crashing

The World Editor crashes anytime I try to change “gameplay contents”
And whenever I first open the editor or anytime I open a map, I get the message…

Referencing unknown database field ‘netsafe’ (UI/skinMetaData.slk)

In yellow. This happened out of the blue one day and I can’t seem to fix it. I’ve reinstalled the game, deleted all files, nothing works.

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the netsafe warning can be ignored, the gameplay constants crash is a 1.33 bug, just gotta hope they don’t ignore it with 1.34

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Thank you. At the moment warcraft 3 editor is buggy as hell and crashes constantly… hopefully they fix it because it’s really the only reason I bought warcraft in the first place.

They are highly unlikely to do any meaningful work with WE.

If you want to edit maps you should look into using an older version of the editor.

Okay, honestly why is Warcraft 3 in such a sorry state at the moment?
Like what the hell, it’s been years since reforged was released. Fix your F****** game Blizzard!

Does anyone know how to run an older version of the editor and if I do so, will I still be able to play my created maps with someone else?

Maps you make in that editor will work in 1.33.

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