World edit not installing?

I first deleted world edit because it was an outdated version and now after I patched the game, world edit isn’t installing at all.

hight iq post, why not ask in technical support.

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because it is locked. noone can post there. as for your problem: i suggest reinstalling the game. that should give you the latest version of the editor.

patching the game doesnt install components it just patch them. so if ya remove component (editor) it wont come back in patch process. and how the heck you was even able to remove editor from the war3.mpq file?

if ya just removed the link to the editor why not just download worldeditor.exe from the internet. its small file.

it is not in the mpq file, it is a separate executable.

yeah but many of the files are hidden in mpq file. so you didnt remove world editor as you claimed, you only removed program/file that starts the editor.

if you removed executable just download somewhere the same file. its really small file.

I thought I reinstalled it, but apparently I didn’t because that fixed it xd

How do you have access to the reforged world editor? Is that something that is already publicly available somewhere?

WC3 does not use MPQ anymore.

In 1.30 there was a bug that meant that a copy of the executable and other external files were retained inside the CASC. This has been fixed in 1.31, with them no longer residing inside the CASC.

If you accidently delete some data file important to WC3 then you can try repairing the installation. Otherwise reinstall Warcraft III.

Warcraft III TFT Editor.

It is no longer located in the root of the install directory. Instead World Editor is now located in the x86 and x86-64 folders. It is recommended to use the x86 version of World Editor for now as the x86-64 has some pretty serious crash bugs which can potentially lose you a lot of work. Eventually only the x86-64 version will exist, but by then all such bugs should be solved.

I can’t run the ‘World editor’ file. can anybody help me?

So it’s not just me. Well that’s good to know.