Wins count as loses

So I play 2vs2 random team and what I keep getting is:

  • I lose mmr points/wins when ally leaves/drops and I win anyway
  • I sometimes lose mmr points/wins after we win and both enemies quit
  • today I got 3players with overall stats like 10-20% (i’m 70%) and won , got -63mmr points anyway
  • when I play AT i get +0mmr for win -0mmr for lose, randomly 1 game out of 10 will give some mmr difference, but it’s not with close mmr teams, seems random
    (i expect some ppl may be playing unranked and this is causing issues)

pls fix, the current state is a joke

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Thanks for repeating this information, but I just played a 2v2 RT and got a loss (big red ‘X’) for a win. i.e. what I am seeing is not a leaderboard issue related to formatting, it’s an incorrect assignment of victory and MMR.

Can you please clarify if this is indeed the same issue, or whether it’s different? Because I don’t think what you’ve repeated here appears to be directly related unless you can explain how.

Sorry if this comes across as abrupt or demanding, but I don’t see the point in playing if I’m going to be punished for winning and it genuinely seems like real time feedback that I lost, rather than a ‘visualisation’ issue. It literally said “DEFEAT”

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So i got an example of game that I won and where my MMR decreased- got both screenshot and replay, but cannot provide links in the comments (genius move). let me know where can I send it

this is also in the linked post:

  • Match processing and display errors.
  • At this time, we believe that matches are being correctly recorded, and will be displayed as expected once this bug is fixed.

They already know about this and are investigating it. The screenshot will only demonstrate what they know. The replay will only confirm the screenshot.

Or, it could be that you can, but just don’t know how. Be sure to not ask first like a normal human being before going full critical.

i keep winning in 4v4 several games ,i only got back is lose status and negative mmr

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After wins I get losses and negative points: D. At the moment, ranked games do not make any sense. I will wait for path and have to create a new account. Thx Blizzard

BOOMP Same issue here! Since ladder patch ive taken this game VERY SERIOUS for this thing to be happening… i mean we are talking about simple win or lose algorithm thats been around for 30 years now. Can you fix this please?

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oh ye its very comforting knowing matches are being recorded correctly and that they will be updated… whilist i run tru same players hardstuck at 4.5k meeting teamkiller that … teamkills XD LONG LIVE RT 2vs2!

Got the same problem.
Third game as ‘‘random’’ and got UD - I won but got big “X” as lost. 1 game was delete (I do not know why, but good for me). It is really strange that I saw problem from more than 2 weeks and didn’t solved…

got same issue, 3v3 win ends up with loss and zero points

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Again and again. Played around 7 games, 4 WIN but got LOST!!! I do not have any win! In any game. What is this ****?

rly yout patch doesnt work
win = lose, pls fix it

code of error

i was wondering why i still ply with total beginners. then i look up the match history and noticed i got less mmr when i won. thats really funny because its exactly what u would expect from the reforged project. probably it will take 2 years before it gets fixed xD

Same problem. Played someone with similar MMR but not even close in skill. Turned out when I won, my MMR went down and my losses went up.

This is terrible. First Blizzard breaks my Core 2 Quad system that worked for 10 years before 1.3. All for features and ladder that are basically broken.

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I just logged in and my Human race stats went from around 147:80 to 147:1547 ;( I now have 8% winratio and cannot find any game with this race…
What the hell guys?

Hallo ich habe das selbe problem aufeinmal habe ich 600 lose wie kommt das BLIZZARD bitte um hilfe

This is happening to me also. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!