Wins count as loses

12/13/22 14:15 Win (-26)
Please fix it Blizzard.

you actually got a game to match? Id be happy with actually playing even if the ranking stopped…for now cant even play.

Europe 12/15/22 07:14 Win(-42)
Still negative MMR for Win.

Please fix.

Europe 2v2 RT 12/15/22 16:05 Win (-21 MMR)

Europe 2vs2 Rt
-lose mmr if win
-now I got 0-569, but played only like 50 games.
-can’t find games anymore, cause -1mmr
-the loss also added on my profile, but now I can’t open the profile anymore

I opened similar issue. Almost every win counted as lose.
It is very flustrating, and people see statistics 17 wins now (was 14) and lot of looses.
So they quit game.
Please fix fast, or at least RESET STATISTICS and put all to 0 !!!

eny game counts as lose !! win or lose it alwats lose - i have 0-20 !! PLS FIX IT!! and fix my stats

COME ON BLIZZAARRRDDD WAKE UP BILLION MONEY and can make and fix this shxx i got 600 lose for free coz bug. i never play 600 matches why 600 lose?


random 500 matches lose here

The bug persists.

25/03/23 and still not fixed. Blizzard just neglects W3 Reforged…

decoded = “You shall NOT PASSS!”

funny, this issue still not fixed - also my profile says 0-3 lifetime stats since release of w3 reforged :smiley:

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Yes still persists, but now the issue is more than 1 year old, even if it was described in lot of other posts.