Win or Lose, it does not count as my placement

3 games a roll, the ranked match does not give me win or lose state
on my placement.

pls fix this bug…

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I played the 3v3 ladder game all night. There was no record of any game. The ranking game is still 0

me 2,wtf?,44 no record of any !!!

seems like there is a problem in counting placement matches or it’s just not visible ROFL :smiley:

Yup, none of my 10 matches played today seem to have counted… awesome

Yeah I was actually excited to grind some ladder, and then 2 of my first 3 placement games gave me the “Failed to retreive data” message after the game.

Past 2010 textbook Blizzard patch. dON’t YoU GUys HaVE phoNEs?

I have the same issue please fix urgently thanks

Same problem here.
I thought that the problem concerned only those like me who have an old version of warcraft 3 the frozen throne, but reading this post, I deduce that it is a general problem.
Do you know when the problem will be solved?

It’s a known issue. Your client isn’t recieving the match results and thus isn’t updating your placements. The matches are still being recorded, according to the devs and should reappear when the issue is fixed.

Please guys, read the other threads, especially the stickies, before posting new ones on the same issues.