Will WC3 ever get a remaster?

I think it’s a shame that D2 got such a spectacular remaster meanwhile WC3 can’t even get a basic makeover worth its status in gaming history.
There’s modders who have done fantastic jobs for free, just integrate their work in Battlenet.

would you mind pointing me to these mods?

Wc3 did get a remaster, Reforged !! xD

people say stuff like this, but even if it’s up to the standard of a retail product, there are all sorts of legal hurdles and other issues that prevents this sort of thing from being easy to do. Implementing it would also basically be a concession that someone else did it better, and you know they’re not going to do that.

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they made HOTS, a game based off of a WC3 mod
it would be supreme hipocrisy considering the reception of reforged to act high and might now

HOTS is about as based off a WC3 mod as Starcraft 2 is.

HOTS is just Blizzard’s take on a genre, it is no more based on DOTA than any other MOBA is.

Not to mention that HOTS was not terribly successful (I liked it for a number of reasons, including having unique maps instead of just one) and largely abandoned after a relatively short run.