Will Reforged be refundable AFTER the release?

I don’t think it’s useful to ask for the scrapped campaign. What’s done is done. BUT maybe we can convince them to make new campaigns. I would love a Scarlet Crusade campaign where we see the evil side of humans and a Blackrock Clan campaign which would be a sort-of-sequel to Warcraft 2.


There was a leaked screenshot of two separate Classic and Reforged campaigns on WC3 Reforged

Ok, but then they would have to choose which one is canon. Imagine being a purist (I am not necessarily one) and hearing that your version doesn’t matter anymore.

Now I would love to see this still but what’s done is done. It’s no use complaining anymore. Ask for new campaigns instead.

It’s not like you need a huge team for even quality campaigns. Maybe a few new models but it would be a lot cheaper than making the game from the ground up.

Wasn’t Founding of Durotar made by a single guy?

no, you cannot refund, better get it now and then buy again when it releases if you are satisfied. The game is not going anywhere, so you can buy it anytime you want. Blizzard refund process is straightforward and they will refund the money to your account in few days.

I got a refund last week, but will probably buy it gain tomorrow.

Just watch some twitch streams for 20mins as soon as the game goes live. It is what I am going to do.

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They can do that because it’s still in beta phase, with the launch tomorrow depend on where is your country or blizzard signed contract but in EU we can ask a refund if you play a game less than 2 hours.

But I asked a refund for Black ops IV PC and activision screw me I played less than 2 hours with a load of bugs and crash i was a legit refund, I will never buy a CoD PC again.

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oh God, a campaing for the Ashbringer mini-comic series I would buy the crap out of that DLC


Ok, let’s get one thing clear:
Warcraft 3 has less retcons than World of Warcraft vanilla has…

If you go with the little things, like the fact that the Blackrock Clan uses shamans in W3, yeh, then you have a lot, but, that’s more the limitations of art assets and mistakes by the Devs, not retcons! Warcraft 3 only has ONE major recton, the fact that the Sunwell is in Quel’Danas and not in Silvermoon.
That’s it. That’s your Old Lore Vs. New Lore debate right there.
Keep in mind that and addition and a retcone are diferent things.

This is wrong.

In Warcraft 1 and 2, it is the Orcs that enslave the daemons of Azeroth (yes, daemons were native to Azeroth) to command them in battle. War1-2 Orcs are also irredemable monsters that live only to rape and plunder, which is why they had to invade Azeroth in the first place, as they had killed Draenor with ceaseless war.

In Warcraft 3, Orcs suddenly have feelings, and have been corrupted by Demons (not Daemons) which come from the Twisting Nether, rather than being native to Azeroth.
A Thrall type character would be impossible with how Orcs were characterized in War1 and 2 lore. They were murderers by nature, and all their inclination was towards evil, all the time.

Warcraft 3 retcons the whole Horde. They did not even used to have challenges of valour (Mak’Gorah), as seen when Lothar tries to reason with the beaten Orcs, and they just pounce on him to kill.

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You’re literally just making excuses right now for the retcons in WC3

A retcon is a retcon. We will hate all retcons or we will hate on nothing at all


Better get your refund now just to be safe.


I have highlighted a few Warcraft 3 retcons on my post. There has never been a Warcraft game that did not retcon, it is part of the series, and is why the lore is not to be taken too seriously.

Warcraft 1 was almost a 1 to 1 of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
Warcraft 2 was heavily inspired by Lord of the Rings.
Warcraft 3 has a boatload of Faerun in it, and is more like a Dungeons & Dragons super arching plot, but with a light RTS backdrop.

Thrall’s Horde is almost a 1 to 1 of the Many Arrows Tribe.

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bro how is it wrong? I said retcons FOR W3, and you go on about how W1 and W2 only matter in name for the lore…

It matters because Warcraft 3 lore was already a retcon of previous lore. No one can complain about WoW retcons when all Warcraft games did exactly the same, save the first one.

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i think you don’t know what an excuse is…I just said that the little things are mistakes, never inteded. The only retcon (a retcon is something that changes the plot) is the one i mentioned :expressionless:

Already chosen. You know, WoW and books made clear that the old Wc3 lore is not canon anymore.

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but we are talking about W3 because of reforge mate xD when Blizz talks about a remake of 1 and 2 we can go there.
The retcones of 1 and 2 don’t matter here because W3 alredy starts with them in mind, the story that people are debating here takes does retcones as a fact. So, what we are talking about, is how the lore that comes NEXT affects W3. Hope i made it clear :confused:

Warcraft 3 is already a retcon, so retconing War 3 with WoW lore would have benn the best option.


Yep, that’s basically what the problem is. It’s not just about retcons but also about Voice Acting. Even if it’s better than the original, the way the original lines are spoken is very much ingrained in the minds of players so it might sound strange/bad to them. Also, many wow players just don’t like how the new Sylvanas sounds (for example). Is Arthas still Arthas without his original voice? The one in WoW does a good job but maybe lots of people don’t like him.

Now I would have loved a remade campaign, even with all the risks involved, but it would have NOT stemmed the tide of complaining because people would have found something to complain about.

What’s done is done, ask for new campaigns instead.


And they had all the time to fix it. For Shamans they coul’ve just used orc warlocks again or just the Slave Masters as a model for some sort of an “Blackrock Outrider” unit for replacement. Wait they didn’t have Shamans, but Far Seers. But anyway they had all the time to replace them with appropriate units like WC2 Death Knights

Another retcon would be Stratholme when in WC2 it used to be a bayside harbor/port city but for some reason it became a closed off city

For more retcons/inconsistensies, refer to my old post here:

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