Why the devs' arguments against total remaking of the campaign are flawed

They never PROMISED anything. They said they were looking in that direction, and had some plans, but nothing was final.

That argument is incredibly flawed, you could literally use the same argument for any number of game-mechanic changes people were suggesting, like unit pathing and upkeep changes. Utterly stupid, what you’re asking for effectively opens the floodgates to people demanding everything from new races to heroes and mechanics.

That doesn’t change the lore-integrity of Wc3 as a self-contained story, which it is. Warcraft 3’s lore doesn’t change Warcraft 2’s, it exists separately. Just like WoW exists separately from Wc3.

Wrong. They’re using higher fidelity models of what the original concept art looked like. The difference between 200 polygons and 20,000 is massive.

You literally act like there’s no post-launch support or potential for content. Rexxar’s Campaign, one of the most iconic parts of TFT literally was added post-launch. Sure Triceron has some doom-and-gloom theories, but he’s literally just as in-the-dark as the rest of us.

You’re literally forgetting the main purpose of this reforging, which is to re-introduce this iconic game to a new generation, with more palatable graphics. If you go and start changing the heart of what the game is, you undercut that entire goal. What you’re asking for is either WoW: the RTS Prequel, or Warcraft 3.5: How It Should Have Ended

I’ve been waiting for Warcraft 3 and that’s what they’re delivering.

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DLC CONTENT FREE FOR DOWNLOAD. I can only hope at this point.


Why you don’t just create custom maps for your campaign things… ?
Maybe better editor.

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Well they don’t have time to add additional campaign stuff for 2 main reasons - stockholders and social justice. Stockholders pretty much want their increased stock prices and blizzard needs to deliver, and who has time to add more missions that might need additional models when you have to do a female version of every male model in the old WC3 to make sure the social justice nutjobs don’t scream like little emotional dumdums over the game. Cause you know - why make some totally new building or totally new unit, when you have to feminize everything.

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I dont know why people want a rewritten campaign in Reforged. WC3 has one of the best Story in Games History. Why not rewriting the WoW Lore to fit with Warcraft?


This. THIS. People don’t seem to know the difference between retcons and expanded and polished lore.

Also, I’d like to add some more:

  • Kul Tiran commissars investigating the missing ships (in Southshore?) after Thrall, Grom, and the orcs sailed away from Lordaeron
  • The fate of Maiev and her Watchers after failing to recapture Illidan in Outland
  • Where are the Sons of Lothar in WC3???
  • Katherine Proudmoore receiving news from the Kul Tiran survivors and officially declaring Kul Tiras to leave the Alliance of Lordaeron for good, and her daughter Jaina as persona non grata

Since you think so, help me point out to Blizzard about the inconsistencies in the game lore to make it even bester, and when all of the plot holes are covered up too, it might even become the bestest story ever:


All your arguments seem solid. I too believe that cutting the total reforging we were promised is indeed a huge lie. It wouldn’t have bothered me at all if they said they had time constraints, but retconning the campaign would in my opinion have been the best way. New voice actors wouldn’t hurt either. If people wanted the pure Wc3 experience they can just play the regular wc3 campaign in a reforged version, but for those of us expecting something new and refreshing it’s a huge slap in the face. To be fair they did redo the terrain, but the poor excuses they come up with for not fulfilling their obligations are, as already said, a slap in the face.


The main meaning of “reforge” is reforged campaign. Without it, “Reforge” is just a remaster of WC3.
Look at Polygon interview past year.

EDIT: that was flaw argument

The goal is not just to give Warcraft 3 a new coat of paint, but “do more with it.”

And more means not to improve editor, because common players will not look inside it. Editor improving is forced by old mapmakers.


Yet you’ll play the campaign once, and then move on to another game, while old map makers will keep this game alive for many more years to come. Improving the editor is the most important part about this reforged wc3 - the only reason you get the reforged version is cause map makers made tons of maps and kept the game alive for more than a decade and a half.


This is why I don’t care about your opinion. You ignore the vast engine upgrades, bringing the system into the new Battle net system, as well as editor upgrades and computer-language compatibilities, better resolutions and screen re-framings. Theres so many new features, beyond any simple “remaster” titling, that any attempt to frame the “Reforging” as a lie is simply ridiculous. They hit almost every box the modding community wanted.


All of these was done in StartCraft: Remastered. Blizzard promised to do more.

From that Polygon article

“When we went to Korea [for StarCraft : Remastered ] and talked with pros and people still playing in game rooms, the overwhelming feedback was ‘Please don’t change the game,’” Stillwell said. “‘Make it pretty, give us a modern matchmaker and then quietly step away, Blizzard.’ Getting those marching orders made the endeavor not just easier but more focused. But with [ Warcraft 3: Reforged ], we’ve talked with the communities in Europe and in China [who say], ‘Hey, we don’t think this game is done.’”

The goal is not just to give Warcraft 3 a new coat of paint, but “do more with it.”

“Let’s push it,” Stillwell said. “Let’s get it to be as perfectly balanced as StarCraft . Let’s add more to the editor, because it’s already powerful. And like a good Blizzard game, it’s easy to learn, difficult to master, [but let’s] also make it even deeper.”
Blizzard is also promising to “reforge” the game’s cinematic cutscenes, and will tweak portions of the game to fall in line with the past decade and a half of lore established by World of Warcraft .

Seems like only this.

I very appreciate that Blizzard improves editor, and most of updates were already done in 1.31 that was released on 31st May.

I did not tell that Reforged is a lie, I told that without “reforged” campaign Reforged is just a remaster with improved editor which is far away from what was shown on BlizzCon 2018 and said in their interviews in 2018.

None asked Blizzard for “reforged” cutscenes and campaign, they decided to do this and then promised this. And after A YEAR of silence they are saying “Well, we have feedback, no new cutscenes and campaign”. Ok, this feedback really exists, but why the whole YEAR of silence? Why on BlizzCon 2019? Why not to announce such news during summer, ater 1.31? They could not do this right after BlizzCon 2018 due to storm around Diablo Immortal, but they could do this in the middle of 2019.

Nobody knows what we will get on release, we can only wait. I hope that Reforged will be much better than current beta: will have working tool for “reforged” cutscenes (tool is present in beta but does not work), non-working functions from 1.31 will be fixed, campaign will be somehow reforged and melee will be getting constant balance updates.


They could also start unhardcoding stuff in stages

Wait they are scrapping content and that’s what you come up with. And they say devs don’t look at forums. Good for them lel.

the same people that want this great story redone are the same ones that cry about lack of eye color variation for their legolas character.

I like your points, but saying “none asked Blizzard for “reforged” cutscenes and campaign […]” simply isn’t true. Or at least we couldn’t possibly know whether or not it is true. As far as I know there weren’t any huge surveys as to what Reforged would contain before they launched their trailer and announced it at blizzcon 2018.
But indeed, the YEAR of silence is in no context a good thing when you want direct communication with your fanbase.
Lastly, those editor upgrades you say happened in May happened because of Reforged, so all updates since announcement I would still count as part of the Reforged content.
I do believe that the miscommunication, or rather lack of communication, is the cause of all these refund-requests and angry posters on the forums.

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I would love if they delayed the game to make new campaign but I don’t expect that.

or they could just at least promise the WoWzers to wait for an additional patch for a “Reforged” campaign to appease them, which they can’t even do

I would accept that.

Give more time to the game receive more polish! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s why I said that “nobody asked”. Yes, “nobody asked” is not very true, people asked before BlizzCon 2018 to make remaster of WC3, but I do not think that a lot of people also asked to remake the campaign in addition.

In my opinion, on BlizzCon 2018 they had to just announce about remaster and ask community to remake of campaign or not. Without any preorder or with preorder after collecting sufficient feedback. Lot’s of people wanted remaster of WC3, even such announce would be hyped. This would be win-win. Unfortunately, only would be.

The same I meant too, according to Hive page Lua and UI editing was planned for Reforged, but they added these in 1.31 to test them in prior.