Why are we punished with a colorless sepia background?

It is easier to see the error in the other so I will add.
That the principles are different, the boys will not be able to agree.

But discuss if you have fun XD


Yea, I think Alhanalem and i understand each other, but are talking past each other at this point.

Probably not. But it seems some people just need every reason they can find to be angry. Not that Blizz hasn’t given us any, because they have, but complaining so hard about a temporary fix has to be one of the silliest ones.

(and I will accept the above comment- I just think you’re blowing this way out of poporiton)

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I just don’t trust that it will come any time soon. And every day I stare at a bleak unanimated sepia image is another day I am reminded about how rushed and unfinished this game is.

The irony of this post is so intense I cannot even.

  1. Writing a UI visuals toggle is so hard it’s impossible to implement main menu sepia switch in the options? As a developer you’d be well aware it is so.
  2. Making uninvited uncancellable changes to basic visual elements ALWAYS causes a backlash. As a game developer you’d be aware of that.
  3. Making fullscreen effect over the whole visual style instead of adding a simple status indicator is almost never a better solution, and as a game dev you’d know that.
    Ergo - you are either a liar, or incompetent.

You do understand you could literally make that same argument if they replaced the background with a giant white background with menu on it created in paint that said “YOU HAVEN’T BOUGHT REFORGED THIS IS CLASSIC” in big red letters right? Just because you understand you’re in classic doesn’t make it a remotely ok solution.

Can you tell me where that says “next major patch”? That’s from the 7th of Feb, I don’t think most people think “temporary” is 3+ months. But I mean, people like you will defend it, so as long as it happens at some point, it’ll be temporary to you right? Even if it’s the embodiment of Blizzard “Soon™” and could happen the day before they shut down the game.

That post was from the 4th of Feb, 3 days before the patch. I can’t see anything about the sepia filter being removed in the next major patch there either so I don’t know where you’re getting next major patch from at all.

It’s not making a mountain out of a molehill when it’s the epitome of what is wrong with the launch and the development teams mentality. Features taken away that existed for 17 years, and now, if you don’t buy the broken pile of garbage that is reforged, you don’t even deserve colour.


Thank you, Whisper, for taking the time to state this much more elegantly than I could.

You deserve a sepia menu because you’ve been naughty : you didn’t give uncle Blizzard your lunchmoney.


They are money suckers man. they will go to any lows to make you buy refunded. Sepia looks aweful, dull and unappealing…but i guess thats what they want it to be like to try to get money

PS When can we expect a
basic patch? 4 months later is shameful for blizzard


It’s not just if you haven’t bought reforged. It’s for everyone. This isn’t some big flashing sign to middle finger Blizzard’s fans and say something to the equivalent of “YOU GUYS HAVE PHONES RIGHT” like you seem to think it is. I mean, I don’t really blame you for feeling that way in all honesty, but that doesn’t mean that’s why it’s there.

Can you tell me where that says “next major patch”?

It doesn’t say it there. But a monkey could make another solution, like putting a logo on the screen, so I’m giving them some leeway and assuming that the next patch that is more than just hotfixes would probably include something like this since it most likely isn’t a major feature that needs lots of work. Because I’m not an eternal cynic.

It’s not making a mountain out of a molehill

It’s a mountain out of a molehill. You are reading way, way too far into it. It is NOT there to say “TO HECK WITH YOU (for lack of allowed words) YOU DIDNT BUY REFORGED,” no matter how much you want it to be.

I get it, you really hate blizzard right now, but despite that, it doesn’t mean that every decision was made out of personal malice for you, or for the community at large. Is it really too hard for you to believe that this indeed was a quick fix, a TEMPORARY fix, as they said, for a simple problem and NOT a way of telling you you’re a filthy somethingorother because you didn’t buy reforged or you refunded it?

Blizzard has done a lot of tone-deaf and dumb things- but they have not been doing anything to deliberately try to make you hate them.

Cut almost all the content of the Reforged? remove half of W3 content?
blame the fans?

He has done things to earn hatred. although I assume that it is because of incompetence not conscientiously

Reforged didn’t add new content- there’s nothing to cut. Huh? I mean if you’re referring to the missing features we’ve all been complaining about then yes, that’s a problem, but those are still coming back.

Yes, they’ve screwed some things up, and I don’t deny that. But this guy is strongly implying that the sepia tone menu is specifically there to remind you “hey you scrub you didn’t buy reforged and we dont like you because you didnt give us money.”

It is purely an indicator of which mode is selected. If you own reforged and you activate classic mode, you see the sepia tone. It’s not just for non-buyers.

Reforged was going to grab a New Campaign when announcing it and skins and a new inreraz. nothing of that si un game.

now in a game that failed in everything and blames the fans. how difficult it is to take the small leap that they do it on purpose.

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Citation needed on the new campaign. I’d never heard about it and it was not in any of the advertising in their store for the game.

As for skins, we did get those. I don’t know what a “inreraz” is.

The ones they had to remove for false advertising.
of the skins I gave you the sources and you ignore it.

man. You like denying reality.

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The original announcement came hand in hand with coming out with a new, separate overhauled campaign experience. Bring it in line and unify it with the current canon I think is what Tutan is trying to get at.

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Did anyone actually complain about not being able to tell if they are in Classic mode? Is this another case of finding a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist?


total shte reason for ever implementing this ugly colorless sheet of sht.

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In other words. Not a couple new levels…but literally re-doing the campaign.


Then why didn’t they? The Warcraft3 logo with Classic or Reforged to under it to me is a much better solution than taking away colour from your loyal player base.

I don’t think they did it on purpose, I don’t think they all sat in a room cackling about how else they could give the finger to the player base, my problem is that no one at all thought “Hey, maybe after 2 weeks of people raging about cut content, especially those who had the game for 17 years up until now, taking away their colour ON TOP of this ISN’T A GOOD IDEA?”