Who else refunded?

Then you got what you wanted. I hope you’re having fun. ^^

Because why would we believe the game would be something similar to the BETA that played great… or the demo in 2018, right? gtfo of here with that trash post. Blizzard dropped the ball hard, period.


you can still refund through live chat!!



I did, or I’m trying! There was no official word that the cutscenes and cinematics were dropped? If I would have known, I would have cancelled my preorder long ago!


Get into live chat ASAP

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How to get into a live chat

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Go to support

when it asks what can we help you with, hit account, app, and shop. Under category select account. Hit contact support. Tell us about the issue, say whatever you want. Hit continue, I still need help. Hit account - and then not listed here. Click contact us, and live chat. Sadly live chat is now down until tomorrow.

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refunded as fast as i could. it doesnt even load up and play. fail


Just refunded. This company doesn’t deserve a penny more of my hard earned money with their continued flubs. Sucks to suck blizzard.


Live chat then go into a refund that way.

Because too many people found out about that and they arent wanting to give up the hard “earned” money of theirs

refunded after 5 minutes in chat and a few minutes in gameplay

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Just made a ticket to get a refund. I refunded WC3R once before over blitzchung, then I let myself be talked into a re-purchase so I could paly with friends, but I can’t even do that. The animations are shoddy, the cinematics have had pretty much no updates, the FPS is terrible despite having a decent GPU and the real kicker is I can’t even do a custom lobby. I keep making excuses and finding reasons to play Blizzards’ games, but I think I’m done now, I just can’t do this to myself anymore, I’m not even enjoying them when I can get them to work as intended.


just refunded here, i’ll spend this money on mount and blade banterlord instead.


Remember that blizzard “merged” (read bought up), By activision. Blizzard litterally dosn’t exist anymore. The real Legal entity now is Activision-Blizzard…

So don’t worry. Blizzard is dead you don’t owe them anything anymore. Refund reforged and make it rest in peace knowing you can move on to better games/game companies now.

I’m considering refunding too.


What’s bugging me is my instinct was to refund and leave it after the Blitzchung thing, but some friends talked me back into WoW and a repurchase of this, only for BFA to get worse and for this to be a day one disaster. I’m annoyed that I did not listen to my gut instinct. I’m aware it’s now acti-blizz, but man, I held out hope. Well. As we all heard from Garrosh; “Things change”. I’d advise a refund, because they obviously don’t care if their customers are upset but let them keep the money. The more of us that can actually stand firm and not flip-flop like I did the more likely they are to listen.

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you can probably still get a refund if you call up your credit card company tomorrow and request a backcharge due to a fraudulent practices


Bro this just sheds the light on something I refused to believe. iM DONEEE


blizzard as we knew it will never exist again, boys

our childhood is done