Where is monthly patch?

Even too lazy to put up a developer note?


This is why we will be going back into lockdown.

Without even a monthly patch to console us.

They work hard. Do not worry. Look, they deleted people’s comments again.


Any proof of what you say? Since you can see people insulting them like every day and they are still up.

So you are saying weekend is reserved for special WOW mounts and pets sales only, but definitely not for releasing a overdue patch or even notes, coz it will clearly ruin ppl’s weekend.

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My post was in response to a post that has since been been deleted. I don’t remember what it said.

Are criticism and insult words the same?

So no proof. Cool

You are really funny. I had the same situation 3 times.They cannot tolerate criticism. Because they deceived people. Do you realize it’s been 5 months since the game came out? There is not even the slightest announcement about the updates people want.Go and read their past comments. Find out what they said.

Still no proof that posts are being deleted while I see posts criticizing the game multiple times every day and these post are still up.
And now you act like I said that criticism shouldn’t be held?
Just say that you made a story up or come with actual proof and I will be happy.

Don’t bother responding to flawaffles. They go into threads demanding “proof”, you provide said proof and they never come back, let alone admit they were wrong. They’re a troll, best just to avoid them.