What's your favorite custom map?

i honestly think that even if he said that, nothing really would’ve changed (i mean there is no way back, everyone understood that reforged wasnt made for fans - it was made for profit)
whats happening now is ppl are being interested on what blizzards are going to say on such hate everywhere and 1.9 on metacritic XD

not trying to be mean, but instead of chatting about custom games, blizz should have their attention in the bug report and trouble shooting threads.


You act as if that would change anything.

It wouldn’t.

I’ve been around on these forums (and other Blizzard forums) long enough to see what happens when apologies are handed out. If they don’t say precisely what folks think it should say, it’s considered worthless and the rage continues.

He wouldn’t be allowed to speak for the developers without some form of clearance from them. Again, CMs are only middle men.

So of all the topics this is what the CM decides to respond to? Like dude you might as well have got on your regular blizzard account if you wanted to really contribute to the topic and give an honest reply instead of derailing it by essentially taunting the community into asking why you’re posting here instead of other places. You guys should know better than this.


I like Hero Line Wars, too. Also, Hero Siege maps.

But is it true that you Activision are laying claim to all the custom maps people have spent all the years and efforts making?

If this is true, how will Hero Line Wars and Winter Maul Wars even be maintained?? Because you obviously own them entirely, Activision. Your players have no reason to create maps like them if you can just take full control on a whim!!!

When did I say I was owed a post ? I don’t think you understand what’s the job of the CM, let me help you.

A Community Manager is an expert on Social Networks and the person in charge of digital strategies . However, a Community Manager is more than just this. They are the professionals working within the Digital Marketing department and responsible for the management and development of a brand’s online community.

A Community Manager must establish a strategy and goals focused on the company’s social media. To do so, CMs work on different areas:

*** Creation and management of content**
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To summarize, a Community Manager oversees the communication and reputation of a company in the digital area.


Not that any of these maps matter anymore since most people aren’t going to buy into blizzards attempt to control sole ownership of custom games. They have successfully prevented another DotA incident because no one’s going to make any more custom maps with that garbage eula

This is a common misconception.

There’s often a false link made between not communicating and not paying attention. But the truth is, without the communication as such, that’s not possible to know. It’s been said, by Bliz, over and over again in the Customer Support forum that just because Bliz doesn’t post doesn’t mean that they aren’t listening, reading, considering, etc.

No matter what industry you are in these days you are often reminded that even out of work hours you’re still kind of representing your company and to watch what you post on social media and stuff.

So for the Community Manager who’s job is literally to represent the company on the forums (among lots of other things of course)to come on day after release when so much drama is going on, and post in this thread of all threads while there’s a total radio silence about any of the issues is just asking for trouble and there is no defending that. That is absolutely tragic and unprofessional.

It doesn’t matter one iota that he’s not a developer, he’s the community manager and in the context of how reforged has went post release and the communication pre release, this is arguably full blown trolling.


doesn’t want to be a #$%, proceeds to be an #$%.

Obviously, this guy is posting as a player of the game in this context. Are they not allowed to do that just because they work for blizzard? He doesn’t have all the answers. Blizzard is most likely carefully considering what to say before saying anything about the current issues, and the CM is probably not privy to that yet.

Bottom line is, he can’t post anything about game issues until there is something official for him to post. The CM just posts that kind of thing, he doesn’t write it himself.

I’m sorry Kaivax.

Those of us who know better know that you’re just the middle-man. You don’t deserve the flak you’re getting. Shame that so many others in this topic are absolutely ignorant of that.


“those of us who know better”…cmon

the game is unplayable, they shut down old wc3 tft for no reason but profit and all you hear their “middlemen” is talk about “his favourite music” or his “favourite custom games” like they dont even give a single cent.

the only option what they can do at this point is come forward and say “we are sorry, we will do better, give us time”.

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It’s hard to know what counts as good feedback if you don’t have someone chime in and acknowledge they read it. Or FFS have a button that a CM can click that gives the topic like a blue circle on it. That essentially would mean “I’ve read this”.

how come communication with us right after release turned into a total ignoring?

Yeah, those of us who know better, because you clearly don’t.

Go back under your bridge.

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  1. A custom version of RP maps. Of the publicly released ones, DoBII

  2. Wintermaul Wars

  3. DBZ Tribute

  4. Enfos MT

People have been complaining for months prior to release. What did we get ? Absolutely nothing, complete silence. Game is now released, guess what ? More people are playing the game and massively complaining. What are getting ? Silence.

That’s the CM’s job to keep the community informed. He isn’t doing any of that. As you can see, he only has 8 posts ever.


Oh, don’t disagree. I know my post sound like I’m defending the situation, but I’m merely passing info along. Truth be told, I believe Bliz has the worst communication culture. And it’s not just Warcraft; it’s across all game. Some franchises are better than others, but they all are lacking.

I can see how that might be helpful, but imaging any threads/posts that didn’t get the circle, for any reason: forgot, didn’t have time to before it slipped way down into obscurity, slipped through the cracks. That would lead to some focal resentment worse than what’s spread around now!

Again, the CM doesn’t make the statements, he only relays them to the community. He can’t post what blizzard internal doesn’t write. The CM has to make sure that any words they output about any issue with the game are true and accurate etc. before he/she can post on issues.