What will classic gain from this?

Now that reforge is on the way I’m curious if my classic game and it’s CD key still give me something. So I have some questions:

  • Can I add my classic to the Blizzard launcher?
  • Will classic fitt new screens and fullscreen? (without fiddling with things outside the game)
  • I was of the impression that classic players would be able to play with reforged players, is that correct?
  • What’s the difference between classic and reforged? (just a short list would do!)


Well you might play retro warcraft 3 when reforged is out. Possible game model like Starcraft Remastered.

What’s the difference is mostly graphics. We just don’t know yet since its on development still.

It will be added there at some point. At the very latest, when Reforged is released.

I’m not entirely sure, what you mean, but fullscreen is supported and also widescreen is also now supported, so the graphics aren’t stretched anymore. Ultra-wide screen support is also likely coming at some point. To unlock >60 FPS you still have to put the “-nativefullscr” on the Warcraft III.exe shortcut, but I’d imagine this will be fixed too at some point.

That is correct.

Basically, the largest changes are totally remade graphics and revamped campaign. Also much of the coding and “under the hood” stuff is getting updated, so it runs more smoothly and you don’t need to mess around with other files to get it working most optimally (like porting for hosting, fixing shortcuts to remove FPS limits, and so on). Many of these changes will also update the Classic version though.

For a more proper list, check: [Compilation] ALL we know so far!

Great stuff Butcher! Thanks.
To clearify what I meant about fullscreen was resolution and things like “-nativefullscr” fixes. Just installed Classic and my resolution can’t be changed to more than 1024x768x32 and I have a 34" ultrawide monitor. Is this normal or just something that will change later, do you think?

I think that’s normal, and I’d imagine there’s coming changes to it at some point. I think someone else, here on the forums, also said, that they weren’t able to increase the resolution above 768, so at least you’re not alone.

No, but you can add it to your account so you can install it from your account page any time.

It already does, click the Battle net button in the main menu in-game and it will patch the game, the latest update added widescreen support and some other neat features.

Nothing has been said but since all maps will be reimagined versions of the old ones instead of pixel-by-pixel remakes I don’t think so. It was also stated during Blizzcon that units and races will be rebalanced differently from the current iterations.

Better graphics, modern Battle net integration (that means friendlist, communities, launcher, all that), all maps and unites will be re-imagined, and maybe some other quality of life improvements.

Umm… Pretty much the first thing they said about Reforged, was that they want to make it compatible with Classic, and there has been a lot said about the subject. Check out my compilation [Compilation] ALL we know so far! for a thorough look into all we know and what has been said.

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