What the hell?

Blizzard, is this for real? This has to be a mistake. Anasterian Sunstrider, the ice bridge, everything is already made!

What happened to 4 hours of reforged cutscenes? You’re just going to scrap the revised Culling of Stratholme mission? You promised us a reforged campaign, forget justifying this price for a remaster, how can you just cut half the reason so many of us bought Reforged?

The panel is over. How do we not have answers?!


The panel was very disappointing. Very little new information and the new information we got, was very vague and unexplained. They should have had a proper presentation, or at least Grubby should have asked questions we have been wondering and speculating here on the forums for a whole year…


Grubby is paid by them. Not gonna do uncomfortable questions to his bosses


Even the big and main character of Battle of Azeroth like Saurfang is not going to be in reforged such a shame.

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But Anasterian is going to be in the new campaign. Do not lose hope!

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How is he supposed to be in the new campaign if he has zero voice lines? If he does not interact with Arthas at all, when his only ever appearance in Warcraft novels was when he fought Arthas? Arthas’ taunting of him (and Kael’thas’ own taunts in their duel in Icecrown) is the scene.

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Do we know that? The only thing Robert B mentioned was about Christie Golden and Jaina/Sylvanas expansions. Anasterian might as well have voice lines for all we know. Every unit will have new voice lines anyway (it’s just not in the English version and so it’s a novelty for the forum dwellers).

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Panel said no new English voice lines whatsoever.

Edit: Actually can’t find a source. Just people repeating this. Anyone know who said and where that there won’t be voices?


Yeah I have no idea how they’re going to have it make sense. I presume Anasterian is just going to be a buffed version of a random unit now like the Captain was just so the player can go “Oh… fun… he’s there too…”

Man I hate it.


I want to see a source that there is no new voice lines or in game cinematicish cutscenes. All I’ve seen so far is speculation and people repeating it like it’s fact. If it’s true, I can’t find it for myself, not that I doubt it to be the case at this point though…


Nice independent thinking. In fact, we do not know, as far as I’m aware. What we do know is that every (?) unit is getting a new voice over.

It’s just that it’s not in English so far, the collective [un]conscious of these forums is all about “no new voice acting”. So gullible.

Except he did, and they said that the map changes are still going in but all the extra side-content that would have required them to completely re-voice the game is getting scrapped.

Funny how that little detail keeps slipping by you people.

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I’ve compiled all the changes we knew before and now updated it with all the things we got from this BlizzCon. It just makes me very sad how much I had to overwrite… The sources are at the end of the post.


Wow! Thank you for all of that!

Well… I’m very disappointed because they’re not doing what they said they’d do for the campaign. I bought the damn game to experience a re-imagining of the campaign. I wasn’t expecting them to redo all of it and even to re-record all the voice acting but I was hoping that at least they would re-imagine some of the levels to make them look closer to locations from WoW as to have some sort of continuity.

Now it looks like they won’t do even that, just parts of it. Guess that means The Black Temple will be in Hellfire Peninsula during TFT?

So… yea… I guess i payed 40 $ for a reskin :frowning:

Thank you Butcher,
That must have been quite an annoying thing to go through, listing every promise broken.

Thank you again for your work.


here is the petition to do it:
http:// chng.it/8D8MR76jV7

All Grubby cares about is ladder. They have left it exactly the same so he is happy.

This is total BS, Blizzard suck

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