What happened to the graphics?

myhria you made a lot of posts so far about the ability to change the graphics when the game goes life with some options to click a button to make the game look like blizzcon, you mentioned this in about 99% of all your posts so far so I just wanted to clarify something.

THERE WILL NOT be an option to change the graphics ok now can you be silent about it for once or did you suffer brain damage or something???


We are speaking about Warcraft 3 Reforged! Not other other thing!
I mention several things that need improvement and things that are strange in this beta! They need our feedback!


Yes “Marko2011”! We need know what happened wrong! But we still having the hope!


Look how detailed are the terrain from the last year! The lighting and shadows are excelent too in the 2018 demo! The beta needs a patch or update to looks like that again!

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This video have a good comparison to see what Warcraft 3 Reforged is missing and needing to improve!
W3Reforged really need improve the Lighting,Shadows,Shaders,Terrain,UI,Cliffs/Mountains,Trees and Graphics in general to looks great like the awesome demo they presented at Blizzcon2018!

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Slow reply but. The game is very demanding and streaming is very demanding too. To keep stream quality most streamers properly have the settings all the way down!

Nice said! This video do a good comparison, they need improve that things to the game looks awesome

That topic have great stuff about feedback for this game! I hope that game have the improviments for the graphics.

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The actually graphics from the beta is very dissapointing! I hope they can do improviments to the graphics area in general! To improve the Lighting,Shadows and Terrain! And please bring back the UI shown two years ago! Thanks.


I hope with the remaining time they improve that things! You can do it dev team! :slight_smile:

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More feedback for them! Very great feedback for help the game!

Played the beta for a couple hours and i placed a refund right away, honestly might as well play the old version it looks pretty much the same and not at all what they showed @blizcon

Warcraft 3 Reforged needs the modern and realistic graphics shown in the 2018 Blizzcon! To the game go looks like the same quality product shown before!

Officials pictures : https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/warcraft3/23229495/finding-the-fun-real-time-strategy-games-for-beginners

Very ugly, all of them.

I’m pretty afraid but wait&see.


The currently game are looking like an old game…

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I havent played warcraft 3 the 2002 eddition and so far I like the game storywise. However; the graphics are a total joke compared to what I was expecting. Anyone got any clue why does the game look so bad compared to blizzcon?

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They had to change the shader and textures to be more RTS compatible. The 2018 beta looked fantastic, but was a nightmare from a playability perspective since all units look pretty much the same or blended in with the terrain. This is acceptable for slow single player games or FPS games where it is part of the challenge but for an RTS game it is just a mess to deal with.

Judging by how this game is translated so poorly in different languages, I would assume our feedback got “lot in translation,” when outsourcing the work to other companies to save money.

Better graphics -> Tutorial: Graphics Improvement for Reforged

Blizzard, hear me out ! It’s still time to get things right.

sure, though with a fractured community, they have to add more stuff to get people back.