What exactly are you Doing for 2019?

We know that you are working on the game, that is great and all. But what exactly are you working on? What are your priorities?

StarCraft team already published their plans for 2019: Starcraft Forums

Working on Reforge is too vague. We have too many bugs after 1.30.2 and we got 4 hotfixes but still not enough. Now there is PTR for 1.30.3 and surprisingly, it does not address any issues like desyncs and broken AT after 1.30.2.


How about releasing reforged in 2019 as a plan? Is that too vague or not enough. LOL

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I just wish we knew when we’re going to see the NE models :cry:
even if it’s just a “we’re hoping to be able to show something to you guys by march” type thing

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The StarCraft team is the Reforged team. They are the same people. They are both the Classic Games team.

From what I can tell, they plan to release Reforged early 2019.

Early 2019 they will release beta, and I think they confirmed updated World Editor for February. Actual game release will be later.

Could you please show me whereu got that info for feb world editor?

Here: [Compilation] ALL we know so far!