What do you think is the % split, between custom games and ladder games?

And here I’m talking all custom games.

It seems like the last patch, had a high focus on ladder and I’ve never met anyone who plays ladder, so I’d be curios.

I don’t know, if it is just easier to show off a “big patch”, because of ladder changes, but for someone who never plays ladder, I’m obviously completely focused on the custom game patches.

Here we got:


  • Fixed a legacy issue where the Summoned Damage data field for Feedback abilities was capped at 10. This did not affect competitive multiplayer, but was inconvenient for custom map makers.


  • Raccoons no longer fade away unnaturally during their death animation in Reforged mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the Northrend Tree Wall Doodad where they appeared white on the minimap.

Balance Related Bugfixes

  • Items can no longer be destroyed by projectiles while in a hero’s inventory.

User Interface

  • Team-colored healthbars are no longer “On” by default for new users.


And Local Area Network? Though it wasn’t written in the patch notes?

They also added BlzFrameGetChild native for custom maps that was not in the patch notes.

See, another problem the way I hear it is that amidst the way-too-many levels of management at Blizzard, there are people who say decisions must be based on data. They want to measure the number of melee players versus custom games players and then act accordingly.

Where this can fail is if, for example, all the custom game players decide to “wait for a better future” and only play on out of date patches that are not always online. If this happened, the data would show the corporate bosses that the current Reforged game was only being played for melee, and then they would never make that “better future” for custom games.

But you could also use this argument even if there actually were more players on the melee side, and who would know if you were wrong?

How large a percentage do you think only plays LAN? Theoretically, they could get that data too.

I think there were plenty of players for both ladder and custom games before Reforged came out and especially before they started patching the game again. But balance changes for melee are among the easiest changes to make from a technical standpoint, and it’s also where the competitive play is which is more profitable potentially.

But they should be able to tell if people simply stopped playing after Reforged came out by the number of people still playing online. Also the number of refunds should be another useful gauge for how many people are unhappy with Reforged. If people are leaving, refunding or unhappy with the game, I think that warrants improving both custom games and ladder regardless. Unless they think it’s a sinking ship not worth saving.

Custom games vs ladder games ?
There isn’t even a ladder.

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