Well, almost a month has passed

What will the “aggressive patch of the month” have?
Clearly it will destroy all save. But besides that.
At last any of the basic functions that they removed?
Will the voices return to the other languages?
Is it just a Leveling patch?


1 blue post / month. That’s all we get. They didn’t even mention the visuals/models which need massive improvement because they know this requires the most work.


The last patch was June 3rd so Bliz is coming due here soon.

This - the idea that the Reforged models (the biggest and most obvious symbol of the revamp of the game) were OUTSOURCED to ANOTHER studio (based in Malaysia) that had never worked with Warcraft models (and had no familiarity with Warcraft lore) in the first place is really bad.

And it was/is evident in how the models look and feel - that is to say, the game LOOKS more like a mobile game than Warcraft. Then again, is this surprising? Diablo Immortals is going to get the Raid: Shadow Legends treatment (due to be released as a mobile game, the development of which will be outsourced).

Acti-Blizzard is going down the tubes. Google Bonfire Studios and stay-tuned for their first release. It is run by Rob Pardo, the former Chief Creative Officer of Blizzard.


PTR notes are up. Honestly I’m more annoyed about lack of blue posts about ladder than I am about them barely making their 1 patch a month.

Like congrats Blizzard, you fixed a desync issue, you kept to your once a month promise, can you tell us how ladder is going, you know the thing you said 8 months ago was going to be in at launch and yet is so far away from being ready you can’t even show us how far along it is.

Also, you know, the thing you talked about in that developer update 6 weeks ago that said absolutely nothing of substance (as usual).

(Yes I know it’s not the same team, but my point is that them saying oh “here’s a patch once a month” with such barebone changes will fail to satiate people wanting ladder.)


please I beg you to change the body posture of jennalla and sylvanas forsaken so that it is the same one that has live sylvanas please I beg you !!!

Why did this happen ? Budget reasons ? I doubt they will ever change the models/visuals.

They have partnered with Lemon Sky Studio before when working on Starcraft remastered.


I really like this game, but disappointed with how it is like at this moment. And yeah, they will deliver everything include ladder at some point, but who knows when, maybe after 1-2 years.

But anyway, I’m still playing this game

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Don’t be so sure. In March we got the patch on 18-th, and in April it was on 29-th. So almost a month and a half between the patches. So we can get next patch in the middle of this month as well.

This game is so bad and unfinished I would have given blizzard $30 NOT to release it


That is true.

Overall, they’ve averaged six patches in five months. Even if the emergency hotfix of Apr 29th isn’t counted, it’s five patches in five months.

And with 1.32.7 on the PTR, it can’t be too far off.

I still believe we got the game a year before it was ready for release.
And we will get a huge update to the game with the promised features. And what we see now is patchs with game play improvements.

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