We want the original Liquid Fire

Please re-make original Liquid Fire ability like it was in 2003 !
Now is useless, ability does virtually nothing!

You could also introduce the Wildfire ability like in game of thrones!

Not sure if serious or trolling…

lol HELL no.

that entire bat rider unit can go die in hell.

Why should I troll?
Ability was good as it was designed for 19 years (2003 → 2022) than for anniversary someone changed it!
Without testing, without asking professional players!
And do not tell me about PTR patches introduction, development cycle is a joke just to annoy old players!

sanest WC3 ladder player

Just because you cannot use them, or you even cannot defend, does not mean BATS are bad !

Major bat problem persists

Batrider liquid fire and siege engines are the worst designed units in the game. Both units can rot in hell. I want to fight enemy players not play cat and mouse with someone i can never catch who has free reign to decimate any base with less than 10+ towers without units supporting it.

Bats are a support unit/antiair and it should stay that way.

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“You” is not “we.”
No one else is really shedding tears over this. Hyperbole doesn’t help your argument either. It does exactly the same thing as it did before, the only difference is you can defend against a very small number of batriders a little better.

The repair rate is reduced to 20% and you still pay the same amount of resources as if it was 100%. Most of the time it isn’t even worth the attempt. You’d need a stupid number of workers to counter the speed at which they destroy buildings.

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I saw that, hu rebuilds faster than my bats killed main.

yea make a video because I dont believe it. It would take a LOT of peasants and peons to outrepair (at 20% effectiveness) a competent batrider attack.

Is hard to reporoduce. But I had some Orc matches, and with or without Liquid Fire now is the same. => Ability USELESS!!! They can even remove it.

its not useless. 80% reduction in repair rate is far from meaningless. You just can’t rely on bats alone. The whole point is to diversify armies. Send some batriders to harass and follow it with a ground army. kill their peons which have been baited out to repair. Tactics. It’s the name of these kind of games.

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