WC3 Reforged is it compatible with MacOS 11?

Hi, if i update MacOS to Big Sur from Catalina version , Warcraft 3 Reforged is it going to work? Does any one tried ? Haven’t see any info about it. It’s strange blizzard don’t specify the compatibility of it. Users need to know before make updates .

it will likely work. if it does not, it will be fixed in a patch. this game is being worked on.

I have the same question! I recently purchased a new MacBook with the M1 and Big Sur 11.00.

I’ve been worrying about purchasing WC3 due to compatibility and performance issues.

there is performance issues even on windows with an i7-8700k and rtx 2080 ti so, performance issues will likely be present either way. if however you are unable to get it working, there is support. the license never expires so, you can always get a different computer at a later date.

I’m on Big Sur right now (the latest version) and Reforged works basically the same as it did before. I still have some issue (see the thread I just posted) as I had before updating but the game works fine otherwise.

You should be good to update.

All I can say is I can only play wc3 if the game is set to “classic” instead of reforged on my MacBook Pro 15 inch from 2017.

It used to work fine but I’m not sure if a patch broke it or something but now if I set it to “reforged” graphics then the game will load and then it’ll say “press any key to continue” but if I click anything it just remains there frozen endlessly until an eventual black screen, then it loads and it works but dang, like I had to wait a long time. So take that as you will.

Mac support has been ostensibly dropped with patch 1.33.0. It may or may not be patched in the future.

I have macOS Monterey 12.0.1 and it doesn’t even run the game despite of it being installed.

On the other hand, it will fine with games like Starcraft I and Starcraft II… Please fix our issues in the name of and blood of my Lord God Jesus Christ I pray… Amen. Thanks in advance…

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