WC3 Reforged failed because of a lack of leadership

Based on the timid responses by Blizzard and by the fact that they are blaming the customers it does not look good for WC3 reforged future.

Maybe they do have a shortage of devs and programmers because they shifted most of their resources to mobile projects. But it is the responsibility of management and those in charge to allocate their personnel properly for the other franchises.

WC3 reforged beta was a mirror image of what happened in BFA beta. Full steam ahead, no feedback considered and a too early launch.

Not looking good for Blizzard titles right now and I do not see much improvement for WC3 reforged on the horizon.

The new philosophy of Act-Blizz is to throw whatever they have out there to see what sticks and come back in six month intervals with major updates. If WC3 reforged is lucky it might see 3 to 4 major updates before support goes radio silent.


It failed because it was a budget remake with lofty expectations from the devs and as a result of the 2018 demo, by the fans. The game we have right now is a shadow of what it should been. They neither have the time nor resources to pull off a grand remake. Barely any passion either if the long-term blizzard developers leaving is any indication.


The trouble is J. Allen Brack has no passion for the old Warcraft worlds. In fact he probably hates them. Hate is a strong word, but he told investors this is the game it was supposed to be, THIS is the game he expected. We are at fault for expecting too much. It would make sense if we start to think - he does not want to resurrect the past, it was the old Blizzard not his Blizzard. Sure we will get more remakes down the road, they will all be quality like this one, this is a very high quality Allen Brack remake with more patches on the way.

Now let’s place ourselves in some alternative reality where Mike, Frank, Chris, and Rob are still here. They love Warcraft III it was a big moment for them, it was the genesis of the World of Warcraft! So of course they would have put a lot of love and energy into Reforged. They would have pooled the resources, pooled the staff, they would have sacrificed profit to make it great. Now I would have still disliked the decisions made, but it definitely would have been a polished game at launch.