WC3:R Unofficial Community Survey - SURVEY IS UP

In spirit to find out the preferences of the community and inspired in the user [CriSword] for developing the W3:R Basic survey, hereby, I’m here to ask the community what questions should we add to this unofficial survey in the hopes that we can pass it along to a CM such as Grubby and get thousands of responses.

Let’s not put Blizzard in a position to potentially disappoint us, wasting their time and ours. The reasons why I’m redoing this:

  1. Survey was open to manipulation allowing same device to take multiple surveys (this will be fixed and only one device will be allow to take the survey once)

  2. Survey had missing and irrelevant questions.

These are the following questions gathered so far from the last survey, I have taken the liberty to delete if we were excited because that’s granted, and whatever was the first game I played because doesn’t seem to add any depth either. I also, added a question of my own about pathing and unit collision.

Please feel free to say which questions should we add to this new survey and after one week or after the dust settles I’ll set up the survey and pass it along here.

Note: Even though, some questions may be fun let’s keep this survey clean and straight to our concerns, so please be concise and if you suggest a question make sure to add its respective potential answers.

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Add this questions.-

Would you like the Warcraft franchise to continue on the RTS genre?

  • Yes
  • No

Would you like additional campaigns for Reforged as DLC?

  • Yes
  • No

If we get campaigns as additional content, ¿which part of the lore would you like it to explore?

  • Pre-Wc3 events (First and Second Wars, War of the Ancients, Rise of the Horde)
  • Post-Wc3 events (War in the Plaguelands, Emerald Nightmare, War against the Lich King)
  • New events
  • All of them

If Blizzard decides to make an expansion or a new Warcraft RTS game, ¿How should it’s campaign be lorewise?

  • New, WoW unrelated lore parting where TFT left
  • Re-adapted post WC3 lore (Similar to the lore in WoW, but told in a better way)
  • WoW and its expansions lore.
  • New lore, parting where WoW currently is.

Great idea!

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I added your last two questions as one. Please elaborate about your first question, I can’t see how its concise or what are you trying to achieve by asking that.

edit: I added the last question you edited in, I also cleaned it to make it more concise as the word expansion was already overlapping your other question.

Just edited my post, added a final question, with my first question I want the community to show the devs how much we want a new Warcraft RTS game (if the answer shows that), aka, if we would like Wc4. Thanks!

okay, I added it I just worded it differently.

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Add this question

Do you want additional out-of-game (lobby) UI Themes?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

So do we get to answer to this survey somewhere?

Also, @Doxorn, what do you mean by “UI themes”?

Yes, of course. I will add a link where you can monitor all the answers represented in a pie chart at any time when the survey is set up.

I believe Doxorn means something sort of what SC2 has that has a variety of different background themes.

please add,

Would you like two different ladders, a classic one and another one fully featured(unit limits remove, path/collision reworked, hotkeys,camera location,etc)?

  • Yes, allow us decide how to ladder
  • No, keep only one ladder
  • I don’t care

Imo, that’s a bit strange way to phrase that. I’d prefer something like:

“How much do you think the gameplay should be reworked, regarding unit collision, pathing and AI?”

with answers like:

  • All changes made to the gameplay are welcome
  • I’m fine with minor tweaks to modernize the game, but keep the core gameplay the same
  • I don’t care / mind about the changes as long as there are two ladders, one with and one without changes
  • I don’t want any changes and the player base should not be split into two ladders
  • I don’t care at all

Great, this question encompasses mine and spaceworm’s I’ll add it. Please feel free to also add any suggestions in how to reword already established questions to enhance clarity.

All the questions so far are imho relevant and should be included in the survey. I dont know if it would be of any use to ask about the new vs old voice acting, since both in the end will be available, but it would just satisfy my personal interest atleast to know which one the community would rather choose:

Which voice lines you will choose?

  • The original voice cast
  • New ones with voice actors from WoW
  • I don’t care

Or something like that…but like said, I dont think that question will serve for any other purpose other than satisfy my curiosity, since Blizzard has made their intentions about that matter clear and if there is going to be any future content or WC IV, they would for sure use the voice cast from WoW, rather than try to get any old voice cast back.

Anyhow hopefully we could get that survey to reach thousands of people instead of just hundreds so that it would really have some weight…Im sure there are lots of people in WoW forums as well who might be interested in Reforged but have not found their way here and many of them would also likely answer differently than most of us here.

I will include this one as it seems to be a legitimate concern of many for some reason.

edit. wait are you asking for the original voice cast as for them to re-do them again? because I know for a fact they can’t hire the same people to redo the voice acting.

No, Im just asking here the community’s opinion which of these options they will chose when they play the game :D…just would give us the idea of which voice actors the community prefers. I know that has no effect on WC3: Reforged re-recorded voice lines and neither will that would have likely any effect on Blizzard even considering to hire any original WC3 voice cast (some who are still in voice acting business and like original voice actor of Illidan even doing other characters in WoW) for future additional campaings or WC IV (if those would ever even happen in firt place). So thats why I said its more of a curiosity question to see which option the community would rather choose, and why I said it might be not as relevant information for Blizzard as they have been quite clear about this whole voice-actor matter anyhow and what their policy in that matter is.

I quess these kind of questions (if even included) should be put to the end as their own “extra/trivial” section. Like for example the question about “Which was the first Warcraft game you ever played” was also the kind of question that is bit irrelevant for WC3: Reforged team to know and rather is just the kind of extra information that might be interesting for us community to see.

Like you said, its been one of those things that has caused lot of discussion, in terms of development of WC3: Reforged the question would have little to no meaning however.

Another question popped to my head from the other threads and partly what was discussed before:

Would you like to have New Game+ option with Insane difficulty with much smarter AI than in original campaign on Hard difficulty?

  • Yes
  • Yes, and with additional challenges/optional quests and perhaps scoreboard that you could compare with other players (lost units, time, completing additional quests, etc all would effect score)
  • I don’t care

Ofc you can improve on that question, and the answers, but its something that was also asked/discussed previously.

I don’t care about the question, I care that it was confusing. I modified a bit to make it more clear.

In good concious I can’t add this questions as they way that you suggested it, maybe if you were to modified it by a lot. It should try to reach some concensus about a subject. The question itself has 2 yes and one IDC. that’s not good. the reason is because it is granted that we want better AI. We can’t use these questions to push a personal agenda such a suggestion in the second answer otherwise the whole survey will lose credibility. Hope it makes sense, I’m open to debate this if you feel strong about it too.

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Options are not clickable. I can not take a survey.

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This is because I haven’t made the survey yet. I was hoping to get more questions from the community but so far It would just be redundant to make another survey with the same questions, even though, the fact that the last one was open to manipulation.

I was going through the questions and came up with few tweaks:

Maybe there could be an extra answer something like:

  • I don’t care / mind about the changes as long as the old campaign is playable with the new graphics

Though, just a thought. Not a must.

Some rephrasing. Sorry, if it comes out as nit-picky. :sweat_smile:

Like someone pointed out, maybe add something like:

  • I’m fine with them, as long as they restricted to hero units

The question is a bit too definitive and the last two answers are maybe a bit too alike. This is just my idea of expanding the question:

If there is a possibility to select multiple answers, this is fine, but if not, maybe add something like “Any known event before and after Warcraft 3’s events” and “I’m okay with any new content”.

Sorry if this all seems like complaining or nit-picky, but I was bored and just wanted to give my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

I have added all your edits. thanks for collaborating. I most likely will still launch this survey in the next few days. I’m just waiting to see if there’s any new good questions that some may come up with.