Wc3 grom modal cinematic


grom hellscream have modal in the cinematic when he have cool armor and red pants ,boots without spikes
i think we need modal that close to the cinematic and game tell me what you think and if you want do like.


I think the cinematics are not gonna match regardless of any character.

Even Medivh has tears and rips in his cape while his cinematic does not.


These cinematics probably will be redone to match current models and things they changed.

I prefer his new model of the armor, compared to what we saw so many years ago, because his old one just looks boring and feels boring, when i played W3 first i thought that he looks just like some simple unit and not someone that is a big character/hero that he is.


They confirmed some time ago that they wouldn’t be, actually.


I have a feeling that they might surprise us with that, but who knows maybe we will still have old cinematics but with upped resolution and stuff.

It would be weird for all the new models in W3R and then having cinematics with them all looking outdated and different, so i feel like new cinematics since then probably were a subject of many conversations between developers in blizzard.


For context’s sake, the Diablo 3 cinematic(s) (past the opening one that served as the announcement trailer) took 9 months to build all the libraries and assets for.


Well, im probably being too optymistic .


It would be absolutely tight to see don’t get me wrong. Especially given that everything pre-2004 cinematics don’t really hold up (or at least have a rough look) anymore to the cinematics Blizzard makes for their games these days.


I don’t think they’ll update all the models, some look completely different like grom, and then keep the cinematics the same. My options are, either they updated all the cinematics, or some leaked models like grom wasn’t the final one, or maybe halfway between those two, my bets are with the last one


i think they should also update the cinematics .
some of them are ok like the Humans (Arthas, Medivh) Cinematics and TFT Illidan cinematic but also some of them look outdated like the Orcs cinematic.


They won’t be redone per se, but they are improving them and you’d be surprised how much can be changed without actually making new models or anything. Like, there are great videos on Youtube where people edit movie clips with special effects - sure, Grom’s clothing won’t probably be much different, but they can still do a lot of tweaks.


Compare Grom reforged model with the WC3 cinematic model. They look to different and inconsistent.

It may have been a good idea to Remake at least some cutscenes.

The new Grom model looks more like the extended cut model from the movie.
The older one looked miore skinny and not so brute.


Yeah, they are indeed quite different, so it will be interesting to see what Blizzard decides to do or how much they can do. It could, after all, be a bit confusing to new players who have never played Warcraft 3 before.


It’s a slippery slope talking about any cinematics because if they redo one (aside from the trailer one), they have to do them all.

I know a lot of people ask for the Illidan vs Arthas fight that we’ve been waiting forever for, but it’s just not gonna work if it’s gonna be followed up by the original TFT ending.

Sure, the old cinematics hold up pretty well today, but it wouldn’t really hold up against a modern cinematic inserted amongst the old ones. And considering that each cinematic practically has new models and characters in each, it’s not gonna be an easy task redoing it all.

Grom’s just gonna be one of the many who won’t fit their model looks. TBH Archimonde in cinematic never looked anything like his in-game model so I’ve never had a problem with this kind of suspension of disbelief. We just accepted it as such. Even Illidan in game has plenty of unnecessary team color while his TFT opening cinematic is very grim-dark. I don’t really have a problem with identifying either.


Sure, of course they are going to look a bit different, but for example, for Grom there is not much similarities at all. Gorehowl is the only thing, really. Illidan is quite unique in his overall design, Thrall is recognizable by his armor and hammer, Arthas can be identified pretty much just by his face and in fact he has quite unique armor too and especially with the Frostmourne there is no problem.

On the other hand, I just watched the orc cinematic again and I don’t think Grom is that bad either, to be honest. You know what, I think the cinematics are going to be just fine when upscaled to 4K and tweaked with special effects.


A lot of it holds up today.

The cinematics ‘remastered’ using neural networks videos (find on youtube) are pretty solid.


Well when you see this hairstyle in warcraft, you already know it’s Grom. :smiley:


If you play WC3 mission, The shamans and priests turn Grom back to green before he fights Mannoroth