WC3 crashes when switching to full screen

Out of nowhere the game startet in window mode. I wanted to switch it back to full screen mode but it crashes when doing so. What is also strange is that it can not detect my 3 monitors anymore. The dropdown is also disabled.
I tried the scanning and repair and a full reinstall without success.

Well I realize it won’t fix the issue but why not just use borderless window instead? Fullscreen really offers zero advantages and increased annoyances with switching apps and trying to take non-full-game screenshots.

Thank you! Yeah meanwhile I also found the setting that the mouse is captured either always or “automatically”. I could not yet test out what “automatically” means but I assume it captures the mouse just when a game is ongoing?
Back in my days “full screen mode” was the only reliable solution for mouse scrolling. Therefore I stuck to this all the time (I am old).
Anyways I will try this out asap! Thank you!

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