WarCraft III Reforged

my campaign is incomplete when i reach and succeed the chapter ywo departure from the prologue campaign exodus of the horde it pop up the window that i won with stats of how many i killed and when click on continue button it take me back to the menu where i have to choose between prologue campaign and human campain and when i check again i can only see the chapter two departure and there is nothing more by the way i tried everything i tried from the launch button scan and repair and i tried scan for updates i uninstalled the game in re-install it again it is the same problem and i own the game i activate it some days ago Warcraft® III: Reign of Chaos® i can see it in my games and subscriptions , if someone can help me to find out why the campaign is incomplete please help me and thank you so much

SD graphics does not contain the other prologue missions, they are HD only.

what do you mean ? shall i change the graphic settings ?

They are different campaigns - the map files are updated, cutscenes, gameplay, etc.

That ^

Part of the reason for this was the prologue missions were added later into the game’s life when they created them to demo the new Custom Campaign feature. These missions were thus added to the Reforged campaign, while the original has these omitted because they were not originally part of it.

so there is no way for me to play the full campaign with the game version i have ?

You have the original full campaign. The extra demo missions were never part of the released game.

so origanlly the campaign is short and i have to play it online to do quests ?

The campaign is not online. You have to switch the game to Reforged mode in order to play the full prologue campaign.

If you’re talking about some pre-Reforged version of the game, you have to find and download the original demo to play those missions, as they were never built into the game until Reforged.

Updating to Reforged isn’t enough- you have to buy Reforged, because they are not built into the pre-reforged campaign.

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