Warcraft III: Reforged PTR - Version 1.35.0

Was testing out the campaign editor on ptr. It likes to crash when saving a custom campaign. Just for quick editing I pulled the maps from the game files and pieced together the prologue campaign with some minor edits. Seems like there game always runs into an issue going to the second map. It just doesn’t load and the mouse cursor disappears. Also, since we have a cinematic button for the custom campaign chapter list, is it possible to import a video file and actually have an opening and closing cinematic in the list like in the official campaigns?

Would also like to say with custom campaigns coming back the only real thing I’d love to see added (aside from more skins for heroes and units) would be a custom race feature in the editor. So we could make proper working new races selectable on the custom game create screen. Should include options for race music, alert messages, and UI. Could start with human as a default layout (or those seldom used neutral alert messages that have always been in the game files) and allow us to import our own data into the fields as we create it. Always been my dream to recreate the online maps with fel orcs, draenei, blood and high elves, naga, and the corrupted treants as full races along side the main four.


Apart from the lobby stuff, it would be nice if you could just change the race with UI ingame on the fly. Then it would also be more feasible for maps to shift the player/force selections from the lobby to after map initialization.

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You think Sok and Chaemiko are on Happy and 120 level wise? You are delusional if you think so. Just watch 1 stream of Happy, and then watch 1 stream of Chaemiko and you will understand there is like 5 level difference. And i’m talking about every thing. Useful action per minutes, reaction time, micro wise, BO, damage output, positioning, timing, mistakes per game, consistency.
They are not on the same level, they never was.
There is a reason why Happy beat them both in Show Cup with reverse race, he beat them in HU mirror on the ladder too, so that speaks volume.

Great patch.
Tavern Heroes.

Please take a look at the Tavern Hero ultimates. Many of them are lack luster compared to the original races heroes.

Lower Mana cost, cooldown and buff Volcano, Tornado and Stampede!

Tavern heroes need some love. They are rarely played as first heroes and should atleast have more relevant ultimates when you manage to get to that point.

Really excited.
Thank your for your work!

lol? you even don’t know me. Check my Battle tag on W3W3Champions.
Battle tag: Verbrecher#21459
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We’ve just updated the PTR with a new build.


All updates are subject to further change. Please keep in mind that some of these changes are more experimental than others.

Altar Heroes

  • Gold cost reduced from 425 to 400 on all altar heroes.


  • Reverting Headhunter gold change from 160 back to 140.
  • Blademaster Mirror images damage increased from 10 to 25% of the Blademaster’s base damage.
  • Troll Batriders Liquid Fire no longer prevents repairs but now reduces the repair rate by 75%.
  • Great Hall build time reduced from 150 to 135 seconds.
  • Bladestorm cooldown reduced from 180 to 120 seconds.


  • Siege Engine armor changed from heavy to medium.
  • Siege Engine damage reverted back from 22 to 44.
  • Spellbreaker armor increased from 2 to 3.
  • Blood Mage’s Siphon mana cost reverted from 20 back to 10.
  • Blacksmith cost reduced from 50 to 40 lumber.
  • Holy Light cooldown change reverted from 4 back to 5.
  • Animal War Training no longer has Castle requirement.
  • Staff of Sanctuary cost reduced from 250 to 200.
  • Orb of Fire damage from +7 to +10.

Night Elf

  • Druid of the Talon Crow Damage base damage reduced from 34 to 26.
  • Reverting immolation damage change from 15/20/25 back to 10/15/20.


  • Ghoul Frenzy change reverted no longer gives 30 HP bonus.
  • Lich Frost Nova Damage reduced from 50/100/150 to 45/90/135.
  • Haunted Goldmine build time increased from 100 to 120 seconds.
  • Death Knight’s animated dead corpses are no longer dispellable.
  • Obsidian Statue spirit touch mana restore reduced from 3 to 2.


  • Fixed inconsistent data between Headhunters and Berserkers.
  • Fixed inconsistent data between Siege engine and its upgraded version.
  • Fixed inconsistent data between Peasants and Militia.
  • Fixed an issue where Disease Cloud was still using the old 90 duration instead of 75.
  • FIxed an issue where Anti-Magic-Shield changes were not being applied.
  • Fixed an issue with map selection and map folder states.

it’s good to see work being done, but why would you give a tanky siege unit medium armor? :face_with_spiral_eyes:


If you are able to the important second part of the Liquid Fire change was that auto-repair would not target affected structures.

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Praise Elune! The barrage siege engine level inconsistency is indeed fixed!

Sadly, there’s still an inconsistency of “attack 2” on the non-barrage siege engine, but this is acceptable as the attack isn’t enabled without barrage.

There’s also still a crash when modifying damage bonus tables in “gameplay constants” though.

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Awesome that changes are made on the ptr, some of these coincide with the initial community feedback, so that’s great to see.

I know this is getting old but I’m just here to bump the agressive game cacheing issue once more - it’s by far the worst 1.33 bug thats still in the game.


love the update to the update, thanks for listening . I have no issues with it and am pleased

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SOULKEEPA FROM THE HORDE APPROVES THE PATCH even with THE HH CHANGE with +10 wood with update december 16.

Blade Master is a nightmare when he reaches “mirror image” at level 3. No one wants to face 3 more BMs with total damage up to 75% plus critical for EACH.


with the update today i approve of all changes seems like its gonna be a fun patch for at least a few months

Amazing. This is looking to be not only good changes, but fun as well!

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Your patching UD out of this game. statues are essential . there is no alternative. there are no mana potions for UD. HS should get more expensive cause the have the highest dps and so cheap for this as well “OP”.

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like 3rd nova and 3rd stomp and 3rd bolt
Good change. Maybe not 25, but 20.

let me tell you something, with only 2 mirrors he will cut off the head of any intelligent hero in seconds


Is it a good idea that Animal War Training now only requires a Lumber Mill and Blacksmith, i.e., you can research it on tier 1 when there are no units trainable that would benefit from the upgrade?

Do the mirror images use Critical Strike?