Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes - Version 1.32.2

If your having issues with the launcher not updating, try changing WC3 to a different region. That will sometimes nudge the update.

absolutely correct! I HATE the PC crowd, the SJW blue/red haired psychopathic “journos” which finger-point and shame audiences for having/non-having a certain genitalia.
I’m sick of genderswapping, censorship, adding of female models “to make it gender balanced” is absolutely idiotic.
Please, bring the old game back, revert the EULA and pour some soul in the game and I’ll buy it again.


Seriously still no profiles, clans, better menu? Cmon guys, no point playing a RTS without ladder and stuff…


Are you aware that the graphics are based on the same Warcraft III engine?
Also, the new models are absolutely gorgeous. I understand the anger, trust me, I do, but let’s give credit where it’s due.
Your anger blinds you to the good bits as well. Few good bits but good nonetheless.

  • Not liking the model posture is subjective, it does not impact the gameplay at all.
  • Team colour is more like a tweak, not necesarily a problem relating to the engine.
  • Shadows and shading can be worked a bit better.
  • Colours again?

The game engine is the same as classic. The models just look amazing. They are gorgeous.

You can use one of my ReShade presets, till the graphics are fixed someday: Tutorial: Graphics Improvement for Reforged

These are ALPHA stage fixes. Not BETA and definitely not post launch. Already refunded but am following to see if this fiasco ever moves beyond complete embarrassment.


Il faudrait dans les campagne reign of chao que les archères soient à 310 point de vie comme la version frozen trône
Ah noter l’apparence du capitaine dans la campagne humaine est bien différente, celle de Chandris l’éclaireur de Tyrande, dans la discution son apparence est bien changée ,seulement dans le jeux elle ne l’est pas. Lui mettre autant de point de vie que les autres avec les bonus connus plus de portée et de vie. la faire apparaître dans le plus de campagnes passible, qu’on puisse se servir de ce personnage, un peu comme Naicha avec Maiev dans la version frozen trône. et mettre plus de tomes et autres objets utiles dans les campagnes, surtout si le héros dois être seul dans l’épisode, et mettre cette idée de rune comme dans la version frozen trône. merci beaucoup

You forgot to add custom campaigns button again, thank you for adding it soon.

How stupid can people be typing a whole message in their own language thinking someone actually understands it ?

why is a thing that was part of the original game not planed to be the part of classic ?

Not sure.

In the original game, the final three prologue mission were part of the “Custom Campaign” feature rather than the main campaign.

So the decision to make them part of the campaign proper only in Reforged, I assume, is a marketing tactic to entice the purchase of Reforged. Kind of like the portraits.

Cant update game please help

You want ladder? No, you don’t want it until drop/bug/disconnect is fixed. Same thing with general stats/profile, etc.

I agree some issue are kinda irrelevant but, you also need to understand some really logical thing about updating a game. The guy/girl changing Naga ears or Female Demon Hunter (graphic/esthetic) is not the same fixing disconnect issues. As a whole, i am not defending the game (pretty trash release), neither I am not adding toxicity on forum. I just want the game to be fix and enjoy Reforged.

So far, I love the graphic (purely opinion based), I think it feels fresh. I also love to play RTS again (was kinda dead).

Have a nice day


Models posture and sizing must be the same as it was in classic, this is actually one of the most important things, it has huge impact on the game play for people playing this game for 15 years + and this is the people that this update should be mostly for! Stop defending the worst parts of reforged, very few people care about the stupid cinematics, licence changes and few bugs that will be fixed in 2,3 months… The problem with reforge is the terrible, terrible top down view - which includes the models.

Don’t you all have phones?

Wow, it looks like Blizzard still hasn’t fixed any of the main issues with this game. I got my refund already, I’m just checking in from time to time with a naïve hope that Activision hasn’t completely destroyed my favorite game company. Guess they have.


Can you please remove ALL Reforged sounds in Classic? I, honestly, can’t stand ANY of the new audio files. The rejuvenate sound, in particular, is very disorienting because I am only just now getting used to knowing what that sound even is because it sounds NOTHING like rejuvenate.

Please, if possible, remove all reforged sounds from classic.


There are online translations and the US support sometimes even answers Russian and Chinese comments.

The custom campaign got deleted from the game a couple of years ago. The only way to play it since then was using the original CDs and not patching the game.