Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes - 1.32.6

If we back them up would they still be playable?

Campaign progress yes, saved games depends.

Bliz has said that if there’s changes to the map files, saved games will be rendered invalid. They don’t do it just to mess with them. They don’t want to ruin the work players put in. Therefore we know that it’s necessary for some technical reason.

Exactly why your response is in-va-lid.
We arent talking about progress, we are talking about SAVED GAMES, which any player should be able to replay or rejoin whenever they want, its a huge and important part of the game experience, which you seem unable to comprehend.
Yes I understand thats the way the game works, but since the weird and random fixes are hardly improvements AT LEAST give us the option to prevent or deactivate patching for good.


this would likely not even been happening if they had taken and released it like this and taken the time to do it right the first time. If they had done it that way and told us why the extended delay they would not have had these many issues or had all those refunds.


Good patch - plz adress the POTM problem for the next patch blizzard, I like the direction of Criptlord now its time for POTM rework.

Complete waste, should be fixing bugs and restoring butchered features, this patch is so pointless


These technical and necessary reasons seem to appear EVERY MONTH, and they seem to apply to EVERY SAVED CAMPAIGN GAME. Do you need me to upload the receipts? since you seem to be unfamiliar with the frequency and data of this problem.

So if you know you had one of the messiest, most rushed and unplanned releases game releases… ever? and know beforehand that these wispy modifications that affect THE WHOLE GAME will continue to happen, it isnt hard to give the players the option to avoid that, or AT LEAST give answers with that attempt of an attitude.

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Can u please make gargoyles prioritize air targets when attack moving?

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What did you say about toxic people?
And even here with a PG answer, you werent capable of providing a single bit of useful information. Maybe investing your energy in thinking of more relevant clapback attempts would be more useful? Cause these are bareeeeely cute. See? even when you were being useless and messy i didnt mind giving you some advice. :wink:


Find the difference between you asking for your Savegames being compatible with newer game versions and the progress being saved. Two different things. I still wonder how you are able to spam your stuff so much, have time to read everything someone writes but also have no time to finish a mission in 1 month. I bet your “problem” is made up and now stop marking me please. Thanks

maybe spending more time in reading comprehension then?
I want to know how to stop patching all together, since most game data is rendered useless every month.
You are the one who mentioned progress because of your inability to differenciate the two.
And finally, you were the one who attempted to reply with unrelated and useless posts in my threads.


I doubt Blizzard had a dedicated developer team working on the game. A lots of non-essential map and balancing twist but very few bug fixed. What people really want are Clan and Ladder functions, which I am sure they know it very well. So far the only thing related to those features is the article of DEVELOPER UPDATE release in May, in which month they missed monthly patch.


Where are the Ladder, Profiles and Clans? And Why you ruin the balance of an 17 year old game? Complete Fail Patch, so bad.


Please fix the poor performance issues, I refuse to play it in its current state.


Good start, now keep on rocking @blizzard

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When I open the game I don’t have the feel I play Warcraft III.
This needs to happen ASAP!!!


  • I believe that the menu lacks the feel of the original Reign of Chaos. The Infernal Meteors need to re-appear in the menu screen, at least when, during the campaign, the Legion arrives. It will give a sense that the world has changed.
  • I also believe that the Icecrown background menu needs to appear when Arthas becomes the Lich King.
  • Then we must have the possibility to choose which menu background we want, like in Starcraft II.


  • Map preview resolution is very low. It needs to be on a higher resolution. There are maps that show the creeps but having the map preview in such a low res, it is hard to see what’s what + they must be in keeping with the Reforged upgraded credo.



“We”? I wasn’t replying to everyone in this thread, SHV. I replied to just Runnik who would only have to redo one single mission instead of whole campaign(s) if they back up their progress. So if you’re going throw comprehension insults at people, be sure you’re comprehending as well.

Seem? It’s a necessary evil of bug fixing, and Bliz has said it’s planned monthly. It’s not ‘seem’. It’s evident.

This is no different than before Reforged. Saves have been lost under the same circumstances since the very beginning. It has nothing to do with the state Reforged was released in.

Avoid patching? With DRM in place to protect the game, not likely.

To which question? Avoid patching? Why are the saves lost? Those both already have answers.

Agreed. It would have mitigated the save game problem. It wouldn’t have eliminated it, but it could have possibly been less often.

They did in a news article on the game’s website. It was to take an extra month finalize things.

And again… no disconnect issue fixes but low level changes… balance… Omff


A balance patch’s primary purpose is a balance pass. There are always going to be two types of patches rolling out. Thus, don’t expect big fixes when they aren’t coming.

Well, then give the bears +2 attacks and + 40 HP. the next units are archers + 20 HP and + 10 movement speeds
dryads + 50 HP
The next unit is Glaive Thrower I believe that they are very much cut they are not particularly used except in the mirror and it depends on the cards so give ti buff + 50 HP raise the armor +1 give them speed + 50
Next, the Faerie Dragon gives them + 30 HP and attacks + 10-15
Rework Mountain giants so that they can’t be eaten by kodo before the magic class resists.
Now about heroes demon hunter is main hero, like the undead DK/Lich. Hum has am MK Pala or like the orcs warrior far seer TS, so the demon Hunter needs a small buff in the form of burning mana 60/110/160 and evading payment of 15%/25%/35% and burning mana costs of 15 and 30 mana to be able to activate it and give. Also pls rework potm u guys rework cl now time for potm rework.

Also please make the Panda more adequate give him back the breath of fire a little more damage and on the drunk haze and misses and crit a little buff because we elves don’t take except the mirror from the heroes tavern so we either take the alchemist or the Panda basically.