Warcraft III Reforged Patch 1.32.11 Patch Notes

Hail warchiefs and hedgewizards!

Patch 1.32.11
As a part of the move to the new team handling Warcraft III Reforged for 2022 onwards, we are releasing Patch 1.32.11 that will contain the following features:


  • New purchasable fat dreadlord (“Detheroc”) skin usable in Versus mode for $4.99
  • New purchasable Uther skin to replace your paladin in Versus mode for $5.99


  • For the simple price of $14.99, you can buy the new Campaigner Workshop Ticket DLC which adds a button to play custom campaign files to the game menu
  • New purchasable “Legacy Mode” menu option to visit the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos 2002 game menu after logging into Reforged. Because the legacy menu can also log into the legacy Battle.net 1.0 online play system, the “Legacy Mode” will cost a recurring $7.99 per month (helps with server maintenance)

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very funny


Where is your blue text/font?
Were you demoted?

Oh no, sorry, not demoted. Now that I just recently started in this new role as Lead Designer of warsmash 3 the reforge I need to make sure to use my official account and I just forgot for a moment. But you can tell it’s me; I’m literally named Reforged.

Incoming blue post once I get the account login on this phone resolved

Edit: As a side note, we are aware of the issue some players are experiencing that prevents them from hearing the sound of the chicken feathers as the chicken critter moves through the air. It’s supposed to make a tiny feathery noise if the speakers are on max volume, and some players are reporting that they cannot hear anything. So, in the next patch, we will fix the ambient sound of the chicken feathers as they move through the air as well.

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But you assured us the CEO had pinged the team. :frowning:

I mean, that did happen, according to the prez himself on his own channel, and links exist for that. I don’t know why you’re talking to me like i represent Blizzard/Activision/whatever, because I don’t.

And him saying he’s going to “ping the team” doesn’t mean that we’re going to get news today, tomorrow, or next week. The only thing it actually means is there is greater than zero people investing greater than zero amount of time on anything whatsoever related to warcraft III. Until they deign to provide us more information, that’s all we have. While I don’t believe he’s being dishonest, it isn’t really very useful information by itself.

Yeah. When I use the ping command on the command line, if I try to ping a computer that does not exist then I get no reply – just silence.

Maybe that is the same thing that the CEO man got when he tried to ping the Warcraft III Reforged team (which no longer exists).

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19044.1586]
(c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\micro>ping war3devteam
Ping request could not find host war3devteam. Please check the name and try again.


See! I just pinged war 3 dev team, too.


har har, very witty. You score two points.

You guys are real slimeballs. Please just add ranked. Or update to the chat system. I already paid for the game. This is extortion.

@ Reforged1Gli

You own him money, man. >->


No it’s a legitimate enterprise. In order to pay for these new services, please buy a google play card and then reply to this thread with the google play card’s card number so that we can redeem it here at warmarsh 3 the forge bluzzard entertainment services.

Oh wait this is a fake. Fooled me.

Q: How many Blizzard employees does it take to keep a woman quiet?
A: One more than is hired to improve the Warcraft 3 legacy.