Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

This is just sad Blizzard. Your response fails to address the most severe problems, the community has highlighted. You decided to ignore these…
It’s double sad looking at this company fall to ruin in such a bad way… Never again will I buy a Blizz game (and I have every one except Diablo).

You blew it Blizz, big time.

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Gentlemen, let them be so distressed they can’t breathe it…
And now boycott Blizzcon … and they are soaped…
When he does not respect us …

Translation: we got our asses reamed by the Final Boss, who is now paying back millions to customers. Now we’re going to put in overtime because we’re short-handed to fix what the developers who got laid off were working on. N’Zoth is in a corner whimpering.

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Just stay on classic version.
We want what is promised and the faster change they can do is the 2018 UI for Reforged.

“Hilarious” what i have expected -_-`

This game is an integral part of the Blizzard DNA, with a team that loves Warcraft III, and we’re looking forward to pouring our hearts into Reforged and the Warcraft III community for the long term.

I don’t believe you.


There are Skyrim mods made to a much better quality then WC3:R without the use of resources a developer like Blizzard has.


Another Day where Warcraft 3 Reforged is advertised with the Cinematic Trailers…
Deliver or get sued!

I’ve never pre-purchased any game in my life, WC3 reforged was an exception because of how well this is game made back in 2002, and thought Blizzard could have redemption with WC3 Reforged. Unfortunately no, and as of this developer update post I’ve refunded WC3 Reforged. This post doesn’t address the actual major problem with this game, only minor issues. I’d gladly buy this game again if it is made as it was promised for us back in Blizzcon 2018, otherwise this was bitter and extremely sad to do for me.

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Pathetic response.


I would like to say something but these empty words from BLIZZARD are so… i don’t know word for this. I was looking for old game with upgrades, nothing else. Why you made such a mess? It was so simple for you and you had our trust and patience. Even if you would say: ,Ok, we will give you your cutscenes and all what we promised" i would buy it again because i love this game so much. But you blame it on OUR experience WE wanted?! YES, BECAUSE YOU ADVERTISED IT! Simple for me… do what you promised and you will get back what you lost…
But for now…
Refund is done.
Iam going to watch how much you will improve this game which should be done already.


They still are. It’s still on the website…


My 2 cents:

This whole fiasco probably had something to do with this project not meeting the supposed deadline. I mean WC3: Reforged was promised to be released late last year, but instead Blizz didn’t communicate about the progress.

All of a sudden, they announced the release day, and I feel this is coming from Kotick’s mouth through JAB more than any of the dev team. The old Blizzard would come out and inform the fans that this game is delayed and it will be released when it’s ready. Activision Blizzard these days instead released a half-baked game with prayers that players will satisfy knowing that they will add promised features via future patches (or simply remove them all together).

I’m glad I was not tempted to pre-order this one, as not only was I a big WC3 back in the day, but also wanted to get all the bonus for other games, too. But this game is not worth $30, let alone $40 for the SoW edition. Hell, I dunno I’ll even get it when it’s on sale, which I think will be pretty soon. $15 like SC: Remastered? Worth?

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honestly this is what upset me more than anything, certain things can be rectified over time, but this…no one will want to make custom maps which held the community together for as long as it did.

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LOL we wanted?
You Promised******


unfortunately No , your vision here is wrong. many people commented before about that since last blizzcon, but actually there was a complete ignoring from your side :frowning:

the worst things you did here are the roll back of the demo graphics and shaders of Demo 2018, the UI of Demo 2018, and the canceled cutscenes as mentioned.

I wish you can listen to most of the community not some of them only :slight_smile:


Update the UI, redo the cinematics with updated voice overs and the dynamic camera angles you advertised at Blizz Con 2018, and give us the expanded campaigns for Jaina and Sylv.

You know, all the things you promised in order to get us to Pre Order your product. Unless you like Law Suits for False Advertising.

Nice. Stay classy kid.

Be careful who you climb into bed with folks. Having trash like this on your side will not do you any favors.

On-Topic: This update was a terrible way for Blizzard to convince people that they aren’t just EA 2. It’s a wonderful example of a corporate non-apology.

This is worse than Anthem… and honestly even Fallout 76 is less bs than what you’ve done Blizz.


Blizzard: Im sorry you didnt like our trash game which we falsely advertised with cutscenes that dont even exist in the game. That you dont like our “cut 80% of the features”-feature. And we are sorry that you dont like it getting a game stolen from you that you bought over 15years ago. And we also are sorry for you not enjoying creating custom maps for WC3Refundet for free and “gifting” all the rights (including the moral rights) to us. We sorry…

Blizzard still advertising WC3Refunded with Cutscenes that dont exist ingame. Thats false advertisement no matter how you look at it and how much you wanna shill vor Blizzard.

warcraft3refunded. com sums it up pretty good.

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