Warcraft 3

I bought the game back in 2016 and have been trying to re-download it for almost a month now. I put in a ticket with the support already letting them know that it gives me no way to download it without buying the reforged one. The most recent answer i got form them is that i need to use the app… I have the app it gives me no way to download it with out buying the new one. Anyone else have this problem?

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Make sure your Reign of Chaos CD key is attached to your BattleNet 2.0 account. If you brought it digitally from Blizzard then confirm that it is attached to your account under account management, and if not file a ticket.

The Reign of Chaos CD key acts as a licence to play classic. This will include both Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne content. The Frozen Throne CD key is no longer used as far as I am aware.

The launcher is wonky when it comes to WC3R. The easiest way to get around it is to:

  1. Log out of the launcher
  2. On the sign in window, click the gear icon and select “Continue without logging in”
  3. Warcraft 3 should now have an “Install” button.
  4. Once it starts installing, you can log back into the launcher.

I remember a day when you owned the program and the .exe for the game, itself, lived on your computer. Now we are forced to use some buggy launcher to play a game that we should own outright? Sonuva…

You owned a right to have a copy of the code on your computer and use that. Actual program and code was still owned by Blizzard.

The executable still is stored on your computer. That is what the BattleNet application runs.

Launcher is not buggy. Been using it for years with minimal problems since it left beta. If there is a bug on your system then please report it.

Oh yes it’s not bugged. It runs exactly as it’s supposed to. . . as a piece of freaking bloatware that NO ONE WANTS TO USE. What the heck do I need a launcher for? So they can serve me ads for Call of Poopy? What the heck do I need a friends list for in a launcher? They removed my ability to do /f list!

And, no, the .exe is gone. It was stolen from me when I ran battle.net on Warcraft 3: TFT Patch 1.31 and Warcraft3.exe was removed from my computer and placed with this piece of steaming…

Same reason you need steam, or Epic games, or ubisoft connect, or practically every other launcher running to play modern games.

It does allow you to communicate with “friends” between games without needing to be in a game. It also handles automatic login to your games when starting, avoiding the need to enter passwords or account details. This might become even more important in future as password logins are slowly phased out by some developers.

No, you seem to not be able to differentiate between need and…whatever corporate scheme these launchers are.

I don’t need these launchers. The launchers are foisted upon us so that greedy corporations (Activision, in this case) can serve you advertisements that you would prefer not to see. I don’t need a friends list out of game. . . my in-game friends list in WC3 TFT worked just fine.